Samson Q2U Recording Pack

Samson Q2U Recording PackSamson Technologies has debuted the new Q2U Recording Pack with HP20 headphones.  Samson designed the Q2U as a high-quality microphone for live sound and digital audio recording. The Q2U features both an XLR output and a USB I/O allowing it to be plugged directly into a live sound console or any computer with a USB input.

For performance in a concert hall or home listening, you can record stuff right to your computer. The microphone’s on/off switch controls the XLR output, allowing anyone to perform in a live setting and record to a nearby computer or laptop simultaneously.

“Whether your passion is recording or performing, this mic has you covered,” says Mark Wilder, Director of Marketing for Samson Technologies. “It sounds great and is compatible with most computer based digital audio workstations, so your recordings can be developed with additional control. It may be the only mic you’ll ever need.”

The revolutionary Samson Q2U also features a built-in 3.5mm stereo headphone jack output with volume control for no-latency monitoring during recording. Plus, a cardioid pickup pattern and a high-quality A/D converter with a 16-bit, 48kHz sampling rate ensure the sound reproduction in both live and recording applications is clear, detailed and accurate.

Available at major retailers and pro audio dealers for just $89, the Q2U includes USB and XLR cables, a mic clip, desktop stand, HP20 Headphones and Cakewalk® Music Creator.

“The Q2U really takes versatility to a new level,” says Wilder. “It brings the worlds of live performance and digital recording together in one exceptional microphone.” (