Speaker Pillow

    com002_memory_foam_sound_asleep300girl(1)The Speaker Pillow features a built in speaker, allowing you to listen to your portable music device without getting strangled by headphones in the night!   This unique speaker pillow can be covered by your usual pillowcase and has a jack plug socket that will fit any standard iPod, MP3 player, CD Player or even portable DVD player!  Watch a film without having to disturb your partner with the sound, listen to a story tape or calming music to get you to sleep.  The soft, hollow fibre pillow is far more comfortable than a pair of headphones, leaving you to switch sides without fear of wrapping a cord around your neck when you are asleep.  Great gifts for those who suffer from insomnia or tinnitus, the Speaker Pillow can create a non-intrusive background noise and help aid sleep by listening to the radio or relaxation tracks.

    *  The Speaker Pillow features a built in speaker, allowing you to listen to music in bed without headphones!
    * The hollow fibre speaker pillow will fit any standard pillow case
    * Simply connect your music device with the jack cable provided
    * The Speaker Pillow measures approx 66 cm x 38 cm x 11 cm
    * Wipe clean surface, not machine washable
    * The cable measures approx 115 cm in length
    * Will fit standard CD players, laptops, iPod, MP3 players and more!  Simply plug it into your speaker or headphone socket
    * Great gifts for ages 5 to 150!

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    David Novak
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