HTC Incredible Handset Slotted for Verizon

HTC Incredible Verizon is reporting that Verizon Wireless might be carrying a very nice new handset, complete with state-of-the-art specs, known at the moment as the HTC Incredible.  Verizon already has a formidable Android line-up with the DROID and DROID Eris, but they could sweeten the pot with this beauty.

HTC Incredible Verizon 2HTC Incredible Verizon 3

The HTC Incredible is a candybar touchscreen and is reported to have a 3.5″ to 3.7″ WVGA capacitive display (believed to be AMOLED), 5 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, optical trackpad, Snapdragon processor, 256MB RAM, and Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense UI.

HTC Incredible Verizon 4HTC Incredible Verizon 5

It comes as no surprise that Verizon is a huge Android fan, and HTC is the secret ingredient to making 2010 a very exciting year for Android Handsets.  Sure, other manufacturers will be coming to market with very sporty Android devices, but HTC is really stepping up to the plate as a premier hardware developer for Google’s mobile OS.  Look for this phone potentially by the 2nd quarter. (