45 RPM Record Clock


Rock and record fans alike should probably take a look at these new clocks.  Instead of just trashing old records, these have been updated and changed into clocks.  They’d be a great addition to any college dorm or a den.  What’s nice is that this doesn’t look like it was thrown together in someone’s garage within 15 minutes time.  Which is far too often the case with vintage items being turned into clocks.  It’s nice to see someone changing things up a bit.


These 45 records all feature different rock bands.  None of the clocks that are sold will be quite the same, since they have an assortment of records.  These clocks will require a AA battery to keep up and running and the clock itself measures 7” in diameter.  You can purchase the laser-cut clock for $30 through Urban Outfitters.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets