HP Slate Tablet- 3G and Cheaper than iPad

It’s being reported that HP will meet its U.S. and Tawianese partners in order to adjust prices and features of the HP Slate. The 3G Slate will supposedly cost less than the cheapest 3G-enabled iPad. The 16GB iPad 3G is supposed to retail at the end of April for $629.

HP Slate Tablet- 3G and Cheaper than iPad

The iPad will offer you access to iTunes, the App Store and the iBook Store. The Slate is expected to be quite a bit different, offering features and functions that eh iPad doesn’t. The HP Slate will probably have multitasking support since the device is driven by Microsoft’s Windows 7.  Flash support, webcam, USB, card support and maybe even an HDMI port

might be found on the upcoming Slate, although at this point, it’s anyone’s guess.

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Additionally, the new browser Courier from Microsoft is still in the works, and could make its debut on the HP Slate.  We’ll see. (www.hp.com)

Published on March 23, 2010