Apple TV Relaunching with iPhone OS and Cloud Storage

Apple is launching a new iteration of the Apple TV. The new version will integrate heavily with Apple’s mobile offerings such as iPhone OS,which runs on the iPhone and iPad.

The new structure will be based on the iPhone 4 architecture and will run the A4 CPU and have 16GB of flash storage. The system will be capable of full 1080p HD, and design wise, will follow how other Apple products work in that a limited amount of cables will be used– one for power and one to hook it up to a TV.

Apple TV Relaunching with iPhone OS and Cloud Storage

Those who have seen the devie describe it as being an iPhone without a screen. What’s even more impressive is that rumours are saying it will cost $99, making it surprisingly affordable.The new system will work on a cloud-based storage system, although for thosewho don’t trust the cloud fully, they will be able to backup to a devic such as a time capsule.

It will run iPhone OS and have the same familia layout, although it isn’t clear how apps will work, or whether they’ll evenbe compatable. It’s certainly interesting news in light of hearing just a week ago about Google TV and the big-tech companies developing products around this new system and product category.

Published on May 31, 2010