Bowers and Wilkins P5 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has entered the high-end headphone arena with their P5 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones. With a slim design and great sound reproduction that provides warm bass and stunning clarity through the mid-range and high-end, these headphones are non-stop awesome.

The P5 features specially developed neodymium magnets and optimized mylar diaphragms along with a closed-back design with rigid metal faceplates and sealed earpads that isolate the sound, while preserving just enough ambient sound to make them perfect for listening to music on the go. the B&W P5 headphones feature an adjustable headband and earpads, padded with memory foam, and crafted from New Zealand sheep leather.

The headphones come with two cables. A standard 3.5mm jack cable and an MFI cable, which provides track switching and volume control for an iPod or iPhone, along with a microphone to allow for calls or voice control. The earpads are magnetically attached so they can be quickly removed to swap between the supplied cables, which plug into a concealed modular jack.

Measuring 180mm high x 150mm wide x 60mm deep (7.08 x 5.9 x 2.36 inches) when in use, the P5 headphones also fold flat to a depth of 35mm (1.37 inches). They weigh 195g (6.88 ounces). They boast a frequency range of 10Hz to 20kHz and are available for around $300.