2011 MXB Shocker Motorcross Board

The 2011 MXB Shocker Motorcross Board is designed to be a different kind of fun on wheels from the usual small-motored toys guys often buy. It weighs 74lbs and features a 48-volt brush-less motor capable of producing nearly 5 lb/ft of torque and reaching a top speed of 35 mph (with tweaking).  The vehicle is technically limited to 20 mph, but it’s a fairly simple process to unlock to get it up to 35 mph.

The battery can provide an average range of 18 miles, and the recharge cycle is only two hours. However an optional extra battery and regenerative braking package can be used to nearly double that range. Speaking of breaking, that’s managed via a hand-held control cabled to the board, as is the throttle. For steering, users must rely on their own skill and the ability to lean for maneuvering from one place to another. Performance Concepts is actually taking pre-orders now, guaranteeing that anything ordered by November 28th will arrive by Christmas.

The 2011 MXB Shocker Motorcross Board runs $2,999.