Aperion Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System

When installing a surround sound setup, wiring is always an issue. Hiding the wires is somewhat easy since they often tuck behind the entertainment console. It’s really the rear surrounds that pose the biggest pain. Aperion Audio’s new Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System is a complete package for solving these problems. At the core of the system is a pair of high-quality bookshelf speakers that feature built-in wireless receivers and two-way power amplifiers.

While each speaker still requires being plugged into a wall to draw power, when paired with the Zona Wireless Transmitter, they can playback audiophile-grad surround sound without having wires snaked back to your receiver. If you need more speakers, you can buy more kits, since the Zona system can be continually expanded. It’s the perfect solution if you’re in need of speakers without the labor of wiring them.

The Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System runs $500 at Aperion Audio.