BullGuard Online BackUp 10 Solution

BullGuard has released Backup 10, a secure and flexible online backup solution with a new interface and supersonic upload speeds.  Here’s the release…..

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – BullGuard announces the release of BullGuard Backup 10, the vastly improved version of its stand-alone backup solution. BullGuard Backup 10 is quick, easy, secure and flexible – it comes with a far more intuitive user interface and at exceptional value, while boasting extremely high upload speeds that put it in the Top 3 in the industry. BullGuard has been developing backup technologies since 2003 and was the first Internet Security company to include backup in its security offering.

Features in BullGuard Backup 10

Fast upload speeds; Secure online access; Set backup to run automatically; E-mail backup fully integrated with Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. Unlimited versioning; Drag and drop; Encrypted transfers and storage; Password protected settings; and 24/7 live support.

“BullGuard’s extensive surveys among backup users show that high upload speed is a crucial factor for users when rating backup products – it rates just as high as the security measures taken to protect the backed up data. Since BullGuard’s core business is security, our users have always been able to rest assured that their data is vigilantly protected. With the improvements to version 10, they get the fastest upload speeds on top of that,” said Morten Rinder Stengaard, BullGuard’s Backup Product Manager.

What also ranks high with users when it comes to backup is the choice to ‘set and forget’, i.e. the option to set the backup functionality to run automatically, effectively eliminating the need to remember to back up those photos and important documents on a regular basis. Add to that the ability to access the files stored on BullGuard’s Online Backup drive from any computer with Internet access, and you have an effective, flexible solution.

“We’ve effectively addressed the most important issues that can keep users from using backup: Improvements to upload speed makes it quick, set-and-forget makes it easy, encrypted storage and transfer makes it completely secure, wrapping it up in our renowned BullGuard design makes it easy to use and the online accessibility makes it a device-independent and flexible solution. We have also lowered the price and are now offering backup at $24.95 for 10 GB,” said Morten Rinder Stengaard.

The standard subscription is for an upgradable 10 GB Online Backup and comes with free 24/7 live support directly from the BullGuard interface, backed by user guides and FAQs.

BullGuard Backup 10 is available now at www.bullguard.com.

Price for a 1-year, 5 PC license:

10 GB: $24.95.

25 GB: $44.95.

50 GB: $89.95.

100 GB: $179.95.

About BullGuard

BullGuard specializes in PC & mobile security solutions for end users and small-businesses, emphasizing technical excellence, ease-of-use and customer care. BullGuard is committed to providing cost-effective, integrated security solutions that provide users with first-class protection from malware and all other online threats.

BullGuard has offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Benelux, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Australia and the US