Dragonflyer X8

Dragonflyer X8

—Differential thrust from eight main horizontal rotor blades allows the Draganflyer X8 UAV helicopter to both hover and change directions easily. The X8 also has eight brushless electric motors, which let it carry heavier photo and video equipment than previous models from Draganfly. And in case one of them stops, the remaining seven are enough to keep it flying.

Dragonflyer X8 has 8 main horizontal rotor blades that allow it to both hover and change directions easily, while the eight brushless electric motors let it carry heavier photo and video equipment

Draganfly’s X6 was able to fly with a 500g (1.1lb) payload, so the X8 prototype should be able to enter the realm of some of the higher end, bulkier DSLR’s. It even accepts an optional military grade load bearing system, which allows it to move non-photo equipment to various inaccessible places.

Its carbon fiber frame folds down to backpack carrying size. An onboard processor runs proprietary software to control flight through inputs from three gyros, three accelerometers, a barometric sensor, three magnetometers and a GPS receiver – which, Draganfly says will allow even relative novices to pilot the X8.

Posted 12/21/10