Pyramid Research Group predicts Windows Mobile will be #1 Smartphone by 2015

It’s hardly a shock that as more people by cellphones, more and more of the sales will be in the form of smartphones.  In fact, over the next 4 years, a research firm called Pyramid Resarch is forcasting that global smartphone sales will total 1.46 billion units by 2011.  That’s 27% of all cell phones sold.

The research firm also says that the sold-unit number will double to 53% by 2015, where many of those consumers will be buying low-end Android smartphones. Here’s what Pyramid said:

“Much of the projected total market growth in 2011 will come from the Africa and Middle East (AME) region, which will see a strong demand for low-end smartphone models, ultra low-cost handsets and dual-SIM and full touch-screen feature phones,” Pyramid noted in a statement. ”The main drivers of the demand in the developed markets will be the launches of a number of flagship high-end devices and new features and technologies. However, inexpensive smartphone models, particularly those from Huawei and ZTE, also will be in high demand in some of the richest Western European, Asian and North American markets.”

In a big surprising statement, Pyramid concluded the report saying that whle Android will be a driving sales force these next 4 years, Microsoft’s Windows Phone will topple Android and other operating systems to become the top-selling smartphone platform in the world by 2015. 

Wow, quite a stretch.  Can’t say that Windows Phone 7 has taken the world by storm, particularly in lue of their latest mobile server crash, however the firm could be making these assumptions based on a couple of key factors:

                              1. 1st 6-month growth of Windows Phone 7 sales

                              2. Microsoft’s superior reach in the global economy

                              3. Windows Mobile’s future integration with the most popular desktop OS on the planet, Windows.  

What do you think?  Give us your comments about the future of the smartphone.