iPhone 4S is next iPhone model with T-Mobile & Sprint as carriers


Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone, which many analysts are agreeing will be released in September of this year at the earliest, thereby breaking its annual summer release cycle for the first time, is rumored to be called the iPhone 4S.  The feature set will include minor cosmetic updates, Apple’s A5 processor, better cameras and HSPA+ support. More interestingly, though, is a rumor that the iPhone 4S will be picked up by both Sprint and T-Mobile.

It’s been reported earlier that Apple was testing an iPhone compatible with the T-Mobile network, but the latest analysts’ notes claim that the device will launch on T-Mobile.

In other iPhone gadget news, the Qualcomm LTE chip Apple would use in a 4G model is not available in the quantities Apple would need for the huge production volumes that are expected. So Apple’s iPhone is not likely to support LTE until next year at the earliest.