Google Nexus 4 users complain of a “faint buzz”

Some Google Nexus 4 owners say that there comes a strange sound  from their gadget’s handset. They describe this strange sound as a “faint buzz” or like a click coming from the phone’s earpiece or camera area. In addition, some users claim that they hear distorted calls, especially at high volume. Google Nexus 4 owners would love the problem to be software related since such a problem can be fixed with a simple update. But those who have heard the noise themselves suggest that it is a shielding problem related to the electronics inside the device. If it is the case, affected units would have to be recalled.

Actually the noise is not loud and one can hardly hear it if she/he is not standing at a close range  to the Google Nexus 4. Apart from being annoying, the worst damage happening to the phone would be a battery drain if the buzzing or clicking has to do with a hardware issue that prevents the earpiece from shutting down between calls.

There is no doubt there is a problem but, since some Google Nexus 4 owners are just receiving their handsets, it is not possible to find out how widespread the situation is.