Bezalel ARK Wireless Power Bank

ARK Wireless Power Bank 2

The ARK portable charger from Bezalel charges your device anytime, anywhere wirelessly. The next generation portable wireless charger is currently a Kickstarter campaign looking for funding. It’s easy to use, stable, reliable and fits into your everyday life – all without the need for annoying cords, making your life way simpler. It features a super clean minimalist build that is compact and fully mobile.  All you have to do is drop your phone onto the device and it’ll start charging. Anytime you need to make a call or check your messages, just pick the phone up and you’re good to go.

ARK Wireless Power Bank 3

Not only does it charge wirelessly, but it also charges faster than traditional chargers with cords. It’s ready for both indoor and outdoor use since it’s built from high-end rigid materials and has an anti-scratch outside. Early Bird pricing starts at $55.  After that, you’ll need to pledge $63 to get one.

ARK Wireless Power Bank