Roam Ropes Earbuds

Roam Ropes

The company Roam has come out with an ingenious new twist on earbuds with their new product, Ropes. Ropes are connected on wires that more closely resemble a rope necklace, and they hang around your neck instead of off your mobile device.

Roam Ropes 4

Ropes also have a built-in microphone built into a side enhancement, which contains three buttons. The pendant at the bottom houses the electronics,  with digital signal processing, noise equalization, and a splitter so someone else can plug their earphones into your Ropes and hear what you’re hearing.

Roam Ropes 3

Finally, ropes feature a useful equalizer app so you can get your music configured exactly the way you want it.

Roam Ropes 2


Ropes runs around $300, and you can purchase it here. 

Roam Ropes 5

Stay tuned for a full review…