Arist Brews the Perfect Coffee with an App

Arist Coffee Maker

Kickstarter project, the Arist Coffee Machine, launched recently and this high-end brew maker will “brew coffee like the world’s best baristas”, according to the company, all from a smartphone app (which will be available for both Android and iOS).

Easy Brewing

The point of the Arist is to simplify the creation process for some of America’s favorite coffee beverages. Every coffee bean has its own unique characteristics that require a specific way to extract the best flavors. Factors such as grind size, water temperature, pressure and water flow all effect how your coffee drink tastes, yet all of today’s coffee machines brew coffee in the exact same way, at the exact same temperature.

Total Control

The Arist takes out all of the guesswork by utilizing a simplified smartphone application that works with the Arist machine to create the perfect beverage. The Arist provides complete control over every step in the brewing process, including the ability to adjust the grind size, pressure and water temperature, taking the manual task of making a good cup of coffee. It can even automatically add chocolate, sugar, milk or syrup.

Arist makes coffee making easy and functional

The Arist Coffee Machine’s design is super sleek and simple, and it will have over 100,000 recipes pre-programmed into the app for you to chose from.

Early Bird Special

As mentioned, the Arist coffee machine is a Kickstarter project, and the first units are expected to ship to backers in July 2015.  The price is currently set at $299 for backers, with a few days to go.  After that, the Arist will be $349 when pre-orders are available.