Cocoon Home Security System

Cocoon Home Security System

Cocoon is at its basis, a home security device. But it’s so much more. In fact, it’s a completely different approach to security. The cocoon home security system uses sub sound technology to sense activity throughout your home, which is similar to the technology used to detect shock waves throughout the planet. By using this type of technology, the Cocoon’ can profile these waves and audible sounds and then couples it with machine learning to separate activity that is normal for your home from activity that you might like to know about. It can also detect any activity beyond what you can see, picking up sounds and vibrations through walls and other floors.

Cocoon Home Security System 3

Cocoon Home Security Home and Away

Thanks to its associated app, Cocoon is always with you since you get intelligent notifications and HD video straight to your smartphone. This allows you to check what’s happening at home and do something from anywhere in the world. You can sound a home alarm or call the police. You can also watch live and recorded video on your phone from anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence

The device doesn’t need to be set up with timers or anything of the sort. It’ll activate protection while you sleep. Just plug it in, install the app on your smartphone and the device does the rest.

Cocoon Home Security System

Good Lookin’

The Cocoon features a modern spherical design that will go with any decor. Available in both white and black, it also allows the camera to be positioned any way you want it. It features a loud alarm to disorientate intruders, a microphone to record high-quality audio when unusual activity is detected, and a motion detector that is pet friendly but smart enough to trigger when needed.

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It’s currently an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, and is available for pre-order for $299.