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    DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

    Davinci IQ Vaporizer is smart

    Class and cutting edge innovation come together with the all new DaVinci IQ Vaporizer offering you an incredible vaping experience at a reasonable price tag. The stunning design of IQ, complete with an exclusive LED interface and a host of amazing customizable features makes it one of the best in class vaporizers on the market.

    Davinci IQ Vaporizer has a lot of accessories

    DaVinci IQ- What’s inside

    Unboxing the DaVinci IQ reveals a sleek designed vaporizer, a flat Zirconia mouthpiece, an extended Zirconia mouthpiece, a small storage container, an instruction manual and a wide selection of accessories including a chamber tool, a cleaning brush, a micro USB charging cable and some cleaning wipes.

    Davinci IQ Vaporizer has sleek design

    More about Zirconia

    Since a major chunk of the essential parts of the IQ are made of Zirconia, it’s important to know what Zirconia is. Actually, it’s a denser, tougher and more durable alternative to traditional ceramic. Zirconia is oftentimes referred to as the ‘ceramic steel’, given the fact that it boasts of the strength of steel along with the versatility of ceramic. DaVinci has tapped Zriconia’s numerous properties including low thermal conductivity, zero affinity to magnetism and massive temperature resistance of up to 2400-degrees Celsius, for creating a vaporizer that stands its ground as a premium quality product that defies all the old school rules of the industry.

    Davinci IQ Vaporizer has many features

    Davinci IQ DesignDavinci IQ Vaporizer comes in 4 colors

    Its unique design is arguably the most intriguing highlight of IQ. Apart from the famous LED interface, the IQ features a host of functional buttons, a charging port, a mouthpiece, a chamber and a small magnet for precision of closing. You can pull out the tiny tool fitted in the standard air path to switch it with the Zirconian air path, also referred to as the Flavor Chamber, to cool the vapor and preserve the richness and purity of its aroma. For more intense vaping experience, you can also stuff the flavor chamber with the herb of your choice.

    The IQ is powered by a 3500 mAh 18650 battery that can either be replaced or charged via a separate charging device. Available in four bold colors including gunmetal, blue, copper and stealth, the IQ shell is designed in Sand Blasted Anodized Aluminum for optimum strength and durability.

     Davinci IQ Vaporizer has a 51 light grid display

    The Light Grid interface

    The LED interface not only displays the temperature of the vaporizer but also facilitates easy control of the various functionalities of the device. Through the interface, you can tether the device to your Smartphone, and use it via an installed app.  You can also control your IQ with or without the app and operate it at one of the two modes called the Smart path mode and the Precision Mode.

    While the Smart path offers you the option of switching among four different temperature profiles to customize and optimize your vaping experience as per your preference, the Precision Mode works on a constant temperature that stays steady throughout your vaping session.

     Davinci IQ Vaporizer has an app

    The DaVinci App

    By using your free DaVinci Smartphone app, you can personalize the four smart paths according to your preference and store the settings for future use as well. So the next time you tune into your IQ, your smartpath preference will be selected by default. You can also track the progress of your vaping session through the graphical representation of your smart path on your Smartphone.

     Davinci IQ Vaporizer is easy to use

    Vaping the Herb

    Your herb vaping sessions will be simply out of this world with the all new DaVinci IQ.  Just pull out the bottom lid and stuff the chamber up nice and tight with your dry herb. Shut the lid back on once the chamber is completely stuffed with the herb. Your DaVinci IQ is ready to go, and it’s a breeze to use.


    What about the Vaping quality and efficiency?

    With its premium design quality and high tech functionalities, you can enjoy a great vaping experience complete with intense vapor and highlighted with a burst of rich flavors and aroma. The customizable smart paths allow you to engage in fun experiments with the different heating profiles. In terms of efficiency, the IQ does a brilliant job in extracting the ingredients of the vaping material through controlled and consistent heating.

     Davinci IQ Vaporizer is versatile

    Should you buy it?

    The IQ is a perfect buy for individuals looking for a sleek and robust vaporizer that offers an immersive vaping experience. Complete with precise temperature controls, a comprehensive 10-year warranty and rich flavors, the DaVinci IQ is the quintessential item that should be on your purchase list if you’re on the lookout for the perfect vaping buddy. It runs around $275 and you can purchase it through DaVinci Click Here.

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