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    Monster Superstar RaveBox Review

    Monster Superstar RaveBox Review

    Successor to Monster’s re-entry into the Boombox business, called the Superstar Blaster, the company just came out with a much improved model in the Monster Superstar RaveBox. Much like the Blaster, the Superstar RaveBox also offers powerful sound, but adds light to the mix.

    Monster Superstar RaveBox has a party light

    Monster Superstar RaveBox Design

    The RaveBox has a retro design, and as mentioned, Monster has added an integrated party light to the end. The RaveBox is really nice looking, large, solid and weighs a massive 17 lbs, much like the boomboxes of yesteryear. It’s made from premium plastic and metal. The wedge-shaped design allows for a 360 degree sound experience.

    Monster Superstar RaveBox has a bunch of inputs

    On one of the ends of the Superstar RaveBox you’ll find the mode button that allows you to switch between outdoor and indoor EQ settings. The volume and power buttons are also on the end, along with the NFC pairing pad.

    Monster Superstar RaveBox has a party light

    On the other end includes a solid plastic party light, and at the top of the light is the light power button, which obviously means you don’t have to have light when listening to the device. Lastly, on one side of the RaveBox includes a weather sealed flap that houses all of the inputs: LED power indicator, power input, USB, MIC in, AUX in and reset.

    Monster Superstar RaveBox has simple controls

    RaveBox Operation & Performance

    Connecting the Superstar RaveBox is a breeze using either Bluetooth or NFC. Once that’s done, you’re good to go. The Bluetooth range is about 30-feet, and the sound on the Ravebox is massive, filling any room or large area. With a very cool sonic balance, mids and highs are crisp and clean, and the bass is incredible. With the outdoor mode, the bass increases even more to cover more area oudoors, and is a perfect sound system for a large outdoor party.

    Monster Superstar RaveBox puts a light show in your home

    The party light, however, is the fun feature here. The light pulses to the music and changes color, filling the room with a nice visual experience. It will remind you of concert or club lights, and this feature just simply makes the RaveBox that much more cool.


    Battery life-wise, we were able to get about 14-hours of continuous use. A few factors might alter this number including whether you’re charging another device with the included phone charger, turning on the light, and how high the volume is. Whatever the case, the RaveBox provides a lot of battery life, and recharging is a simple plugin.

    Monster Superstar RaveBox is a portable party

    Bottom Line

    While the Monster Superstar RaveBox is a beast, offering great sound and light and has a very cool retro design, it’s not cheap. It’s retailing for $449.95 on the Monster site, but with everything you get with it, the RaveBox could easily replace your component system, and it adds portability to your sonic arsenal. Of course, most all of the Monster products we’ve reviewed produce the best sound, and the Superstar RaveBox is no exception. In fact, we could go so far as to say this might be the best portable Bluetooth speaker on the market. You can purchase it here.

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