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    Casper Glow Light Review

    Doctor’s tell us to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, and even more important, teens are supposed to get 8-10 hours. It’s reported, unfortunately, that at least 35% of adults and almost 70% of teens, ages 14-18, don’t get those vital zzzzs.

    Casper, the same company known for making online luxury mattresses, just introduced the Casper Glow Light, a nightlight that’s designed to help you sleep. The Light comes in both a single and a two-pack, and packed with a charging base for each light.

    The Glow Light turns on when you pick it up, and it dims or brightens with gestures or when you turn it clockwise and counter-clockwise. Turn the Glow Light upside down, and it turns on or off.  It pairs with the Glow app via bluetooth for additional features, such as dimming, illumination, timer, schedule, etc.Design

    This is one gorgeous and modern light. It has a rounded shape and edges, and an off-white color when the lights are turned off. When the light is illuminated, it has a warm white aura surrounding it, which is bright enough to light up the surrounding area so you can read or simply lighten a room. But it’s not so bright that it’s piercing.

    Made from diffused polycarbonate, each Glow light contains a 36 warm white LED array with 12 accent LEDs in amber. When you turn on a Glow light, it automatically dims over the course of a 45 minute default time. You can adjust the 45 minute time-frame in 15 minute increments to any time between 15 and 90 minutes. There is a single button on the top of the light, which allows you to pause the light’s automatic dimming and maintain it at the same brightness level.

    Most of Glow’s features are gesture-controlled. You can shake the light to wake it up and get a dim, low light. You turn it upside down to turn it on or off, you rotate it counterclockwise to dim, and you rotate it clockwise to brighten.Features

    The Glow works with the Casper Glow app, available for both Android and iOS, via Bluetooth. The app can perform a few functions like turn the lights on and off, adjust the maximum brightness, adjust the default dimming time, or assign the lights to groups so they can work in tandem. Unfortunately, the Glow is not Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home-equipped….yet.

    Perhaps, Glow’s best feature is it’s portability. You can place it in any room since it doesn’t need wires. Just charge it up, and it will last for 7 continuous hours. Besides on your nightstand, you can also light up your backyard, use it as a lantern on an outdoor table, or even use it while walking the dog.  If you wake up in the middle of the night, you can take the Glow light to the restroom without turning on the bedroom light, or you can use it as an emergency light should the power go out.

    Glow promotes sleep because it produces a warm hue of 2700k, which means it gives out little to no blue light. Blue light has been shown to disrupt to natural sleep rhythms. Additionally, Glow gradually dims over a period of 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes and then turns off. The default time is 45 minutes, but you can adjust that setting in the app, or stop it from dimming using the button on the top of the light. When you turn on the Glow light before bed, it’s will help you wind down and fall asleep as the light dims down to the off position.

    In the morning, the reverse occurs. It starts off dim, and then it brightens to wake you up. It simulates sunrise in your bedroom. You set a time when you want the light to wake you.Pricing and Bottom Line

    The single Glow light costs $89, and a two-pack costs $169. It has a very sleek design, and it’s sleep aid function is quite unique. Also considering its portability, gesture control and app, the $89 price tag is a steal.

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