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    Is a 15-Inch Gaming Laptop The Right Size For You?

    The 15-inch gaming laptop has become popular among gaming fans because of its high performance, solid battery life and great screen resolution. The Razor Blade 15″ is a perfect example of a 15-inch gaming laptop defined by its blistering performance.

    The 15-inch gaming laptop is more portable compared to the larger gaming laptops and is thus, suitable for people who game outside the house or office. It easily fits into most bags and can be handled on your lap as compared to 17 and 18-inch gaming laptops. However, it has a lower performance as compared to the larger gaming laptops. The large gaming laptops consume a lot of power due to the high number of heat generating components that they contain. You cannot leave them unplugged for a long time.

    Small sized gaming laptops that is the 14-inch and 13-inch laptops have longer battery life and are lighter in terms of weight. Moreover, they have the best portability meaning you can play your favorite PC games anywhere anytime. Lack of a powerful GPU or CPU is the most glaring disadvantage of small-sized gaming laptops.

    Is the 15 gaming laptop too big?

    The 15-inch gaming laptop is relatively big when compared to the small-sized gaming laptops. However, it easily portable because it can fit into most bags and it is also lighter in weight compared to the 17 and 18-inch gaming laptops.

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    How to choose the Best Gaming Laptop Size?

    Consider these features before you buy your next gaming laptop:

    1. Portability
    If you love playing your PC games outside the house, then you should go small-sized gaming laptops such as the 15-inch and 14-inch sized laptops. This is because they can easily fit into your bag and are less bulky compared to the large-sized gaming laptops.
    The 17 and 18-inch gaming laptops are ideal if you only play your favorite games at home. Due to their large size, carrying them around becomes harder.

    2. Battery Life
    The larger the gaming laptop, the lower the battery life. Small sized gaming laptops have a longer battery life because they have few components that consume power and generate heat. However, large gaming laptops last a shorter time after unplugging due to the high amount of energy they consume to maintain high performance.
    Those who love playing while traveling or away from home would prefer small gaming laptops.

    3. Performance
    This is the heart of a gaming laptop. Great gaming laptops have an excellent performance system. Serious gamers would prefer large sized gaming laptops over small sized ultrabook laptops because they have a more powerful performance system. You will never be disappointed when you play your favorite PC games on large-sized gaming laptops. The 15-inch gaming laptops contain Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 cards which can easily support all your virtual-reality adventures.

    The 15-inch gaming laptop is suitable for any serious gamer because it has the benefits of both the small-sized laptops and the large sized laptops. It is easily portable because of its small size. It has a relatively long battery life of about 5 hours meaning you can use the laptop comfortably when it is unplugged. Its performance is also much better than most small-sized gaming laptops. So the decision is yours to make; whether the 15-inch gaming laptop is the right size for you?

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