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    2019 Gaming Rig Essentials

    Are you an active video gamer who’s ready to build the perfect gaming rig? Or maybe you only need to make a couple upgrades to your current rig; perhaps a new monitor to make your gaming experience more immersive. Creating and customizing a gaming rig is the perfect way to have a gaming computer that’s built to handle your gaming needs and preferences.

    When playing video games on a computer, you have two options to play. You can play on a gaming pc, which is any standard computer, like a 400 dollar gaming PC from PC Game Haven, that has capabilities to play basic video games. Or you could play on a gaming rig, which is a computer you build yourself choosing the components you want to make your gaming experience the best it can be. When it comes to building a gaming rig, there are a few important things to know. That is why we are going over this year’s gaming rig essentials to improve your gaming experience.

    Getting Started

    When you’re creating your gaming rig, you should shop around and find the best components, even if you don’t plan on buying the most high-end ones. Do research on the best motherboard configurations, best computer speakers, etc. Also make sure that you understand what each component does. A computer is a complex machine that has many intricate parts with different functions. Understanding the functions of each part will help you decide what type of piece you are going to need. The essential components to a gaming rig include:

    • Central Processing Unit (CPU): The CPU is the brain of your computer that allows all of your applications on your computer to run and delivers the information you’re looking for.
    • A Case: The computer case is the skeleton of your computer that holds all of the pieces together.
    • Memory, also called RAM (random access memory): RAM is what keeps your computer or laptop running fast and smooth by storing information in short-term memory to be retrieved fast to help you move forward.
    • Power Supply Unit: The PSU is the piece of hardware that is able to convert power from an outlet into usable power so your computer or laptop can run normally.
    • Storage: Your computer’s storage is stored on the hard drive, a piece of hardware that stores filed such as the operating system and software titles, as well as other files you choose to download and store on your computer.
    • Graphics Card: A graphics card is what produces the images you see on a screen. The better graphics card, the better your images will be
    • Motherboard: The motherboard is what holds all of your internal computer parts together. The motherboard is comprised of sockets and connectors to bring all of your computer parts together to work in tandem.

    Depending on what components you purchase, you could possibly craft a system that has clear resolution and a high enough processing speed and memory to play virtual reality games. Once you have these essentials squared away, you will be able to begin constructing your gaming rig.


    Don’t forget about the accessories. Accessories are a great way to make your gaming experience more successful and engaging. Speakers are important, but if you prefer to keep your audio to yourself or if need a microphone, you can look into headphones that can connect to your computer through a wire or Bluetooth.

    After boosting your audio, you want to tackle your other gaming senses as well. If you find you’re getting stress on your eyes or that you’re constantly straining, there are gaming glasses that reduce blue light glare. Along with vision, boost your sense of feel by getting a comfortable gaming chair that provides cushion on pressure points and has a high backrest.

    Additional Notes on Building Your Own Gaming Rig

    When you’re looking to create your own gaming rig, you need to establish a budget. Establishing a budget will allow you to determine what quality of pieces you will buy. Mix and match components so that you can get the best possible configuration that you can within your budget.

    A final gaming rig essential to keep in mind is to find a suitable desk for your gaming laptop or computer to sit on while playing your video games to allow space for speakers and your games. Also remember to deck out your gaming rig with the essential gear and accessories.

    Overall, creating your own gaming rig is a great way to have a custom gaming computer that meets all your gaming needs. Constructing your own gaming rig will allow you to make your gaming experience as immersive, comfortable, and exciting as possible.

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    David Novak
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