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    Ring Floodlight Cam: Outdoor Motion Activated Security Camera

    Nowadays, home security is a huge deal for most homes. So many devices to choose from to protect just about every part of the house including lights, doorbells, cameras, smart hubs…you name it. The Ring Floodlight Cam is the latest from the company and is designed as a cure-all for outdoor security. It’s equipped with a pair of 3K Kelvin motion-activated LED lights, a built-in microphone, two-way audio speakers and a 110-decibel siren alarm. It also has an HD video camera that streams and records at 1080p with 140-degree horizontal and 78-degree vertical fields of view. You can use the mobile app to zoom in or pan.

    Equipped with two motion sensors with a combined 270-degrees horizontal field of view, the camera starts recording whenever the sensors detect motion, either from objects or people, and the Wi-Fi-connected Floodlight Cam sends an email alert to your phone. With the Ring mobile app, you can customize motion zones and schedules, since you might want to ignore motion in certain areas or shut off detection entirely during a specific time frame. Or you might want to expand the detection areas at night or during a period when no one’s home.

    The Floodlight Cam connects to standard home wiring, and it’s weatherproof. In case you have existing wired floodlights, installation should be just a matter of turning off the power and replacing the old light with the floodlight cam.

    The Floodlight Cam’s two-way audio has ambient noise cancellation, and you’re able to talk with guests, delivery workers, or unexpected visitors using the mobile app or a configured Amazon Echo smart speaker. You can also view live streaming video by using Alexa voice commands. And visitors will never know your location since the remote access allows communication from anywhere.

    There are multiple options to watch the live video. You can use the mobile app or tell Alexa to show the video feed on any Echo compatible smart display or connected Fire TV. The Ring Protect Plus service records and saves videos captured by Ring cameras. There’s a 30-day trial, and after, you can subscribe to this service for $10 per month, for 24/7 professional monitoring service for an unlimited number of Ring cameras, or just pay $3 per month with Ring Protect Basic to record and share video clips from a single camera.

    The Ring Floodlight Cam runs around $249.

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