The Importance Of PCBs In Your Gadgets

It’s almost guaranteed that the majority of people have seen a printed circuit board at some point in their lives. Iconic green boards (although they can sometimes be found in other colours now too) go hand in hand with technology and innovation. They do, however, have a much bigger role today than you may think. Here’s why PCBs are so important to gadgets and modern life.

They Are Absolutely Everywhere

You can pick up any gadget, and piece of electronic equipment and it’s pretty much certain to have a PCB inside it. From smartphones to washing machines, PCBs are everywhere. These days even our cars have PCBs inside them, as more and more folk buy cars with smart technology in them like wi-fi and auto-parking, PCBs will be appearing under bonnets.

Even devices you wouldn’t expect to have them will likely have some kind of PCB inside. Think of your kid’s toys. If they make a noise or flashlights, they probably make use of printed circuit boards.

With the emergence of things like circuit building software on the market, it’s becoming easier to design your own PCBs too.

They Make Our Gadgets Work

PCBs are not just another component; they are the foundation on which our technology is built.  All of the small parts like LEDs that may be on there, and all of the connections that run through it all work together to make the device work.

It is completely possible to get everything running without a board, but it would not be very strong, and the connections would be easily broken. So, therefore, the board helps to strengthen the circuit as a whole.

They Help Protect Their Components

A PCB will generate a kind of electromagnetic shielding that will protect its component parts and wires. Any damage that is caused by electromagnetic frequencies can cause issues for the device. Allowing the PCB to shield to protect itself prolongs the life of the device it is housed in.

They Act As Are Heat Conductors

Electrical energy can generate a lot of heat and this is obviously not good for any technology. Everybody knows that phones and laptops should not be allowed to overheat. However, people rarely think about other items like speakers or microwave ovens. PCBs are lined with copper and this is an excellent heat conductor. The very last thing you want to happen is for heat to become trapped in your gadgets or equipment. If the PCB is not able to handle the heat being generated there is a risk of cracking and damage to the board and its components.

It is rather easy to see why the printed circuit board is so important for our gadgets, and not just those either but for just about every electrical device we own – there is probably one within arms reach of you right now, and not just the device that you are reading this on.