Reviews: Jiobit Location Monitor – A Perfect Device to Keep Track of your Kids

The Jiobit Location Monitor is perfect for parents who need to keep track of their kids. Jiobit is a small device that can be attached to your child’s clothing, acting as a location tracking device. Jiobit offers parents safety for their kids and peace of mind for the entire family.

How Can I Track My Child’s Location? Is Jiobit Waterproof?

Jiobit offers multiple wearing options and is the same size as an Oreo. It features a small design and it’s super-lightweight, shock-resistant and durable. Jiobit Location Monitor is also water-resistant (IPx8) and securely attaches all day to your kid’s clothing. It’s always connected (meaning 24/7) and is able to provide one week of battery life. With Jiobit, parents can accurately see their child’s real-time location from anywhere, since it can be linked to a smartphone via the app. Inside the box you’ll find, A Jiobit attachable tracker, a charging dock, a USB cable, and a secure loop and hem-lock clip attachments.

When compared to other Kid Tracking Devices, Jiobit is no match. Jiobit is equipped with the best-in-class data encryption (government-level encryption) and robust security, and offers an unlimited tracking range, meaning that parents can track their kid’s location at any distance with its Continuous & Live tracking. Jiobit also features TrustChip Technology (just like the US Military), meaning it uses a dedicated security chip to authenticate users. It’s also COPPA compliant, meaning that Jiobit complies with The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule, protecting the personal information of children under 13.

The app sends parents all notifications in real-time and also comes with the Core Team feature, allowing parents to invite other guardians (like sitters and grandparents) to their Care Team to get relevant notifications. By giving other guardians temporary access to their kid’s location, parents will always know who their kids are with, instead of just where they are.

How much does Jiobit Cost?

The Jiobit Location Monitor is currently on sale. While it was previously priced at $130, you can now find it going for $90 (saves you $40) and comes together with its first monthly subscription for free (after it expires users have to renew it by choosing one of the subscription plans). If you’re interested in getting your own Jiobit, you can get it at Jiobit’s official website.