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VersaDesk’s Seated Desk Cycle Review

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VersaDesk is a leader in standing desk solutions that specialize in innovative designs for your office, at home, workspace, or the hobbyist. The company offers solutions like Height Adjustable Sit-to-Stand Desk Risers and Standing Desk Converters, which help users in preventing and reducing back and neck pain caused by physical workplace stress, while also increasing circulation and improving productivity. VersaDesk’s Seated Desk Cycle is perfect for integrating fitness into your workplace or any other place you sit for long periods of time. Not only you can burn calories while you work, but you’ll also feel healthier and alert.

VersaDesk Seated Desk Cycle

The Seated Desk Cycle from VersaDesk features a slim and foldable design, offering you the ability to quickly set it up at your desk and effortlessly put it aside when you want to sit or stand. The Seated Desk Cycle comes with integrated pedals, so you’re able to pedal quietly without disturbing others due to its quiet operation. This easily allows for fitness to be integrated into your busy daily work routine. You can also adjust the tension to increase and decrease the intensity of your workout depending on your need.

The Seated Desk Cycle comes equipped with a padded seat and back support to help you stay comfortable during long periods of time. It also comes equipped with adjustable foot/pedal straps to secure your feet in place while you pedal. The Seated Desk Cycle features adjustable seat height positions (meaning you can adjust it for maximum comfort) and magnetic manual tension control. Users can track their progress with speed, distance, time elapsed & calories burned, thanks to the built-in mode display. Users can pedal forward and backwards.

VersaDesk Seated Desk Cycle

With the Seated Desk Cycle, you can burn calories while you work at your desk, helping you to feel better throughout the day. The Seated Desk Cycle is the perfect solution to increase the benefits of your standing desk. If you like being fit but your busy schedule makes it difficult to commit to a workout routine, consider getting yourself a Seated Desk Cycle from VersaDesk. Join the active office movement and pedal your way to a healthier you.

VersaDesk’s Seated Desk Cycle is currently available in one model only: Black. While it was previously priced at $229, you can now find it going for $189 (saves you $40). The Seated Desk Cycle is available on VersaDesk’s website, on this page.