FOUND GPS: World’s Longest-Lasting Location Tracker for Anything that Moves/1000 foot range

Pebblebee, creator of revolutionary location trackers such as Finder 2.0 and the BlackCard, announces pre-orders and early bird discount for Found-GPS, the only real-time location tracker that activates only when you look for it.

Elegantly designed, Found uses new low-energy bandwidth that extends the battery life from 1 month in active-track mode to 12 months in passive-track mode, and is rechargeable by USB-C.

Found activates only when something very important has gone missing and must be found fast. Think: car, dog, bicycle, luggage, drone, golf clubs, and so on. Found is also an excellent way to keep track of loved ones, seniors and kids, or when hiking solo, for example.

FOUND GPS - Working as an Item GPS Location Tracker
FOUND GPS – Working as an Item GPS Location Tracker

Found can be paired with its exclusive Homing Button™ and Collar Attachment for dogs. Found keeps track of the dog’s last-known location and sends a phone update every few minutes. In the case of a missing or lost dog who is found, the Homing Button is pushed, and a phone alert is sent with the dog’s location.

FOUND GPS - Working as a Dog GPS Location Tracker
FOUND GPS – Working as a Dog GPS Location Tracker

Additional features include:

  • Long-Range Bluetooth tracking up to 1,000 feet
  • Global tracking on a secure, low-power network (5G LTE-M)
  • Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled
  • CrowdGPS, Left Behind Notifications, Last Known Location alerts
  • No subscription required for basic service, upgrades available

Found ships June 20th and can be preordered here with early-bird discount @ $99. Found has been overwhelmingly received by consumers who have over backed it ($200K+ raised to date).


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