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Smartphones High Usage/Addiction – America’s Love Affair with Their Smartphones

Reviews.Org sent out a survey asking how people use their smartphones — 75.4% say they’re addicted.

Reviews.org conducted an anonymous survey of 500 men and women regarding smartphones’ high usage & their sentiments around cell phone usage, their cell phone habits, and how highly they value time spent with their phones as compared to time spent performing other activities.

As there seems to be a growing dependence on smartphones, Reviews.org conducted this anonymous survey to see how the average American strikes a balance between screen time and other activities.

Original Article Posted at Reviews.Org.

Do you know who’s the most common culprit of the proverbial “You up?” text? No, it’s not your desperate ex—it’s your phone itself!

How many times have you been trying to fall asleep when suddenly you hear your phone cut through the silence with a notification? You think to yourself, “No, I’ll just check it in the morning,” but then you start to wonder what it could be. Could it be a monumental sports trade? A confession of love from your crush? Maybe Mario needs you to save the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Run?

Smartphones High Usage & Addiction Statistics

Smartphones High Usage

Our phones are constantly asking us, “You up?” And more often than not, we are up. According to our survey, over 65% of people sleep with their phones. For some people, their phone can end up being the only thing they sleep with—45% of folks say they would rather give up sex than their cell phone for a year. Perhaps Flappy Bird will keep them warm at night.

On the other hand, considering 32% of survey respondents say they spend more time on their phones than they do with their significant others, maybe they won’t have to worry about giving up sex. That will probably just come naturally.

So, with whom will you spend most of your Valentine’s Day this year? Your ever-loyal smartphone or an actual person? Don’t worry, there’s no shame here—we love our phones too.

  • 5% use their phone as an alarm clock.
  • 8% feel uneasy leaving their phone at home.
  • 4% use or look at their phone while driving.
  • 4% consider themselves addicted to their phones.
  • 6% check their phones up to 160 times per day.
  • 4% say they use their phone on dates.
  • 2% have texted someone in the same room as them.
  • 6% have upgraded their phone in the last year.

Smartphones High Usage

  • 4% said they “always” use or look at their phone while driving.
  • 48% said they “sometimes” use or look at their phone while driving.
  • 2% said they “never” use or look at their phone while driving.
  • 4% said they “don’t drive.”

Smartphones High Usage

  • 6% said they consider themselves “not at all” addicted to their phone.
  • 4% said they consider themselves “somewhat” addicted to their phone.
  • 19% said they consider themselves “very” addicted to their phone.

Additional Findings for Smartphones High Usage

Smartphones High Usage

  • 17.3% of parents said they spend more time on their phones than with their children.
  • The average price an American would have to be paid to trade-in their current phone for a flip phone without “smart” features is $2,150.20.
  • 36% said they would be willing to go without their phone for “one week or less” if it meant they could erase all of their debt.
  • 58% reported that they spend over three hours on their phone each day.
  • 45% said the private information on their phones (photos, contact information, text messages, apps, etc.) was worth less than $500 to them.


We all have some kind of a love affair with our smartphones. We pour our time, energy, and love into our devices, and isn’t that a definition of love? Thankfully, most people accept being in an open relationship with their partner and their smartphones. As long as people don’t look at their phones while driving and balance time between smartphone use and real-person interaction, there’s no reason why we can’t keep this beautiful thing going.


We conducted an anonymous survey of 500 men and women over the age of 18 regarding sentiments about cellphone usage, their personal cell phone habits, and how highly they value time spent with their phones as compared to time spent performing other activities. Using the responses from our survey, we have highlighted the most common answers in this report.

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