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SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase – Wireless Multi-Room Amplifier w/ Bluetooth and DTS Play-Fi

While lots of Smart Speakers feature a phenomenal connectivity interface, most of them don’t actually deliver a great and high-quality sound performance, which is exactly the type of sound quality that audiophiles would hope to get. However, by using something like the SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase users can easily convert any pair of speakers into a full-on wireless smart speaker zone.

The SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase is an amazingly versatile audio component with an impressive array of audiophile-grade technology, working primarily as a wireless multi-room amplifier w/ future-facing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DTS Play-Fi connectivity.

This ultimately allows users to easily convert any speakers into a high-fidelity smart wireless streaming zone.

This stunning audio amplifier renders convincing soundstage and stunning dynamics with pinpoint accurate frequency response, while also bringing high-resolution wireless audio streaming, advanced connectivity and smart control options to conventional speakers.

Not only that, but it also delivers effortless power from its built-in 300-watt amplifier (150 watts x 2), features a ton of versatile component connection options and an intelligent user interface. Thanks to its amplifier, the system can produce a massive audio power that drives any speakers to their full potential.

Thanks to all of these features, users can control the full system – with conventional speakers connected to it – directly from their Smartphones, ultimately allowing them to unlock high-resolution wireless audio streaming from all their favorite music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, Amazon Music and more, as well as from their personal playlists and connected devices.

Let’s take a fully detailed look at the SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase to understand exactly how the system works and to check what this versatile audio component is all about.


The SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase measures 3.23 inches long by 9.10 inches wide by 8.81 inches tall (including feet, knobs, rear in/out jacks, and speaker terminals), and weighs 4.89lbs.

SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase - Design
SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase – Design

It features a compact, stylish and lifestyle-friendly design that takes over a room with sound, while still being able to maintain a low profile with its discrete dark and glossy look.

Furthermore, the SVS SoundBase also comes equipped with a dual 150 watts powerful Class-D Amplifier, thus featuring a total Amplifier Power of 300 Watts RMS (root mean square) output voltage (150 watts x 2 into 4ohm).

Equipped with a dual 150 watts powerful Class-D Amplifier
Equipped with a dual 150 watts powerful Class-D Amplifier

By delivering 150 W per channel, the system has enough power delivery to effortlessly drive any loudspeaker (or speakers) to its (their) full performance potential, regardless of whether those are SVS speakers (speakers from this brand – SVS) or speakers from any other brand.


The SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase literally offers “a ton” of game-changing connectivity options.

Located at the back, going from left to right, these connectivity options include two sets of premium loudspeaker binding posts (the DTS Play-Fi outputs) for spades, banana plugs or bare wire connections, a mono Subwoofer output (2V MAX) that offers users an easy connection to their favorite Subwoofer (no matter what brand) for deeper, room-energizing bass and a more thrilling and immersive experience, and a Left/Right RCA Input and Output ports (2V MAX).

Input/Output Ports
Input/Output Ports

These Left/Right RCA Input and Output ports work as line level inputs/outputs that fully unlock all the functionality as a source component in both stereo or multi-channel audio systems. By using the Prime Wireless SoundBase’s line level output users can also convert any two-channel system or AV receiver into a smart wireless entertainment hub that’s fit for the most discerning audiophiles.

This way, users can ultimately create a separate stereo zone or even transform home theater systems by adding advanced connectivity, control, and wireless access to all their streaming content, all with amazing, reference quality sound.

Furthermore, there’s also a 3.5mm Aux Input (w/ Input Impedance of 20K), a Toslink Optical Input (w/ Input Impedance of 75Ω), and a USB port (Service) for firmware updates, device recharging, or adding an SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter to make your subwoofer connection fully wireless.

Input/Output Ports
Input/Output Ports

Both the Toslink Optical Input and line level inputs can be used for computers, TVs, gaming consoles, CD players, AV Receivers, turntables and more.

Additionally, there’s also Ethernet input and output ports for a hard-wired Internet connection, a Dual-band Wi-Fi Button and LED for direct streaming from a home network without requiring a mobile device, and a Bluetooth with aptX and AAC Button and LED for the highest fidelity wireless streaming from iOS or Android smartphones or tablets.

At the very end of the unit’s right side – still at the back side – there’s a power input that features Auto Switching from 100 – 120V / 220 – 240V, and 50/60Hz.

Lastly, sitting at the front of the device, users can find the unit’s controls.


Going from left to right there’s a Source/Preset Knob, an LED Display that informs users of the SVS SoundBase’s current Source/Preset selected, a Play/Pause/Volume Knob, and a front 3.5mm headphone output ([email protected]Ωmax).


Excluding its direct connections (its input/output ports), the SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and DTS Play-Fi connectivity (via the App for full wireless streaming audio control).

SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase - Features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and DTS Play-Fi Connectivity
SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase – Features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and DTS Play-Fi Connectivity

Not only that, but it also features a High-Resolution 192KHz/24-bit DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) for pristine sound quality from all sources (including streaming audio from your favorite music streaming platform, while watching a Blu-Ray, listening to a podcast or anything else), as well as a SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) of 90dB @1V input – 2 x 150W output – and a Rated Bandwidth of 10Hz-20kHz (±1 dB).


Inside each package users will find: their SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase unit, an included 6′ AC power cord (to power the unit), the included SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase Owner’s Manual, a Quick Start Guide, an SVS brochure, and the included Warranty/Registration Card ( for its 2-Year Warranty).

Box Contents
Box Contents


Incredible Versatility

With the SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase users can add high-resolution wireless audio streaming, future-facing connectivity and smart speaker control to existing loudspeakers or ultimately use its line level output to create a source in any two-channel or home theater audio system.

As mentioned earlier, the SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase is powerful enough to drive speakers to their full potential and sophisticated enough to transform a system with wireless audio streaming, intelligent controls and advanced connectivity that brings your speakers, AV receiver or two-channel stereo system into the future of great sound.

Active Low-Pass Filter Subwoofer Matching Tool

Another really cool thing about this sound system is that when you connect a Subwoofer to the SVS SoundBase’s Subwoofer output an Active Low-Pass Filter is engaged at 80Hz, so you would set your Subwoofer unit to 90 and all the low-end sounds would go to the sub.

These are really cool crossover frequency and low pass filter settings features.

6 Custom Front Panel Presents

By using the right-side speaker’s front panel users can get a total of 6 custom front panel presets for instant access via WiFi to your favorite playlists, Internet Radio stations and streaming music services without ever needing to use a phone or tablet.

6 Custom Front Panel Presents
6 Custom Front Panel Presents

Compatible w/ tons of Streaming Services

As mentioned before, this wireless multi-room amplifier system is also fully compatible with tons of music streaming services, including Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, Amazon Music and many more.

Compatible w/ tons of Streaming Services
Compatible w/ tons of Streaming Services

In addition, and as mentioned earlier, the system can also be used to play music directly from their personal playlists and/or connected devices.

Voice Assistant Support via Amazon Alexa

Furthermore, the system is also compatible with Amazon Alexa for convenient and easy-to-use voice controls.

This means that users are offered Voice Control over their music from any Alexa device on their Wi-Fi network.

By saying something as simple as “Alexa, play reggae in the living room”, users can get their favorite tunes flowing in a quick and easy way.

Not only that, but other voice commands allow users to quickly and easily adjust the volume, skip a track forward or go to the previous track, as well as mute, pause and stop their music.

App-Based Control over Wi-Fi w/ the DTS Play-Fi App

By using the DTS Play-Fi App users can easily control what music streaming services and audio content they play and distributed it throughout their home.

App-Based Control over Wi-Fi w/ the DTS Play-Fi App
App-Based Control over Wi-Fi w/ the DTS Play-Fi App

This can be done directly from any smartphone or tablet (including any iOS, Android or Windows device) via Wi-Fi.


The SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase is a versatile audio component that works primarily as a wireless multi-room amplifier via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, or ultimately, via the DTS Play-Fi App.

With it, users can create a separate stereo zone or transform home theater systems by adding advanced connectivity, control, and wireless access to all their streaming content, all with amazing, reference quality sound.

SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase
SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase

If you’re interested in buying your own SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase, each unit is currently going for $500 and comes with a 2-Year Warranty. You can order yours right now, directly from one of many different retailers across all the US, which you can check and choose from a wide list of retailer options by clicking this link.

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