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PETKIT GO Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Dog Leash for Activity Tracking and Routes Monitoring

For many dog owners that enjoy following a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy, having the possibility to benefit from many of the smart features offered by most fitness tracker and/or smartwatch like activity tracking and monitoring is important. The same goes for dog owners that are also focused on their dogs’ health, and that can be easily achieved by getting a high-end dog fitness tracker. However, in some cases, neither the dog owners themselves nor their dogs like and/or want to wear a fitness tracker. That’s where the PETKIT GO comes in handy.

The PETKIT GO is a Bluetooth-enabled smart dog leash that can bring dog owners those very same smart features offered by fitness trackers, including not only Activity Tracking but also Route Monitoring, meaning it can track both of the dog owners and their dog’s activity as well as save and examine what exact route they take during each and every dog walk.

Furthermore, not only does this smart dog leash combines what’s best of both worlds (fitness activity trackers for humans and dog activity trackers), but this thing is also super versatile, as it comes equipped with a built-in USB charger that allows dog owners to conveniently and very easily recharge the device.

Additionally, there’s also a powerful and reliable built-in frontal LED light that can be turned on with the click of a single button, ultimately making the PETKIT GO great for night walks as well, as safety visibility will always be included.

Let’s have a more detailed look at the PETKIT GO and check every single smart feature this smart dog leash has to offer.


Starting with both of its looks and size, the PETKIT GO smart dog leash features a very compact and sleek design.

PETKIT GO Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Dog Leash
PETKIT GO Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Dog Leash

The handle itself measures 4.64 inches long by 1.00 inches wide by 4.8 inches tall. Furthermore, the handle also offers a very ergonomic grip, as the handle itself is composed of soft rubber, which ensures that dog owners always get a superb handling as well as maximum comfort.

This smart dog leash also comes with an included Tai-Chi leash that’s composed of stretchable Nylon, a super durable material that ensures the leash was built-to-last. Additionally, the leash itself measures between 48 inches long (at its shortest form) and 53 inches long (when it is fully stretched).

PETKIT GO Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Dog Leash
PETKIT GO Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Dog Leash

This leash component can be easily buckled and snapped into place right into the PETKIT GO’s handle (working just like a seat-buckle), and it is capable of withstanding over 1 full ton of pressure.

As mentioned before, the PETKIT GO also comes equipped with a super powerful and very reliable built-in frontal LED light that’s located at the very front of the handle.

Equipped with a super powerful and very reliable built-in frontal LED light (located at the front of the handle)
Equipped with a super powerful and very reliable built-in frontal LED light (located at the front of the handle)

That same frontal LED light can be very easily and conveniently turned on with a simple click of a button, thus offering dog owners and their dogs a great way of having visibility, which ultimately makes the PETKIT GO great for night walks without ever excluding both dog owners’ and their dog’s safety.


As the PETKIT GO smart dog leash also comes equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, that basically means that there’s absolutely no need for batteries.

Its built-in battery can offer quite a few hours of battery life, so each full charge should last you quite a few days (and lots of dog walks) before you need to recharge it again.

Furthermore, after pairing the smart dog leash with its proprietary Smartphone Companion App (discussed right ahead), users can easily check the unit’s battery life, which will be showcased/displayed on their smart phone.

Lastly, recharging it is also quite simple, as all you have to do is connect the unit’s USB port to any standard USB charging cable and wait a few hours to have the smart dog leash back to a full charge.


This smart dog leash also offers some very cool smart features, which can all be enabled via Bluetooth by using the PETKIT GO’s proprietary Smartphone Companion App, which is simply called the PETKIT GO App.

The App can be downloaded for free both IOS and Android devices and then installed to easily pair the PETKIT GO smart dog leash with your device (Smartphone for example).


Dual Sided Banded LED Lights

The PETKIT Go smart dog leash also comes equipped with built-in dual sided banded LED lights that can be enabled/disabled via your Smartphone.

Enabling the leash’s with built-in dual sided banded LED lights will trigger their light intervals, which can be set and controlled between three (x3) different light settings.

Furthermore, users can also set a timer from their smart device for when they’d like these lights to automatically turn on, as well as to configure how they’ll be turned on (one of the 3 light settings).

Soft Vibration for Smartphone Notifications

After pairing the PETKIT Go smart dog leash with your Smartphone (via its proprietary App), the unit’s handle will vibrate whenever you receive Smartphone Notifications, Emails, Texts and even incoming calls.

Soft Vibration for Smartphone Notifications
Soft Vibration for Smartphone Notifications

Set Walk-Goal Timers

Users can also set a walking timer via their Smartphone and then, as soon as the desired/configured time is reached, dog owners will feel the handle vibrating to let them know they’ve achieved their walk goal (time wise).

Set Walk-Goal Timers
Set Walk-Goal Timers

You can actually use this feature to walk for quite some hours, making this dog leash great to even go for long afternoon walks with your dog at the park.

Activity Tracking & Route Monitoring

By using this smart dog leash with a MAPS App, the PETKIT Go can accurately track your actual walking route history, which you’ll be able to check on your Smartphone at any given moment.

Activity Tracking & Route Monitoring
Activity Tracking & Route Monitoring

Users can also share their completed walking distances and roadmaps with their family and friends by posting the information on different Social Media Platforms, and that can be easily done from within the App’s “Dog Walking History” menu with a simple click of a button.


Lastly, by using the GO smart dog leash with a MAPS App, users can also instantly Pin Drop and share their location with a click of a button (which is located right above the handle) at any time they need to do so, making this a great smart security feature for SOS Map Marking, empowering any dog owner with a quick and smart way to call for help.


The PETKIT GO is a Bluetooth-enabled smart dog leash that’s compact and comfortable to grip, featuring an ultra-durable stretchable Nylon Tai-Chi leash and a powerful frontal LED light, as well as smart features like Dual Sided Banded LED Lights, Soft Vibration for Smartphone Notifications, Walk-Goal Timers and even Activity Tracking & Route Monitoring

With it, dog owners can easily track each and every single one of their dog walks to accurately track walking distances, times and walking routes for both dog and human health tracking. Furthermore, they can even ping a digital Map instantly to make an SOS request whenever it’s necessary.

The PETKIT GO Smart Dog Leash is currently available in two different color models: White (Full White) or Black/Yellow (Black Outside with Yellow Inside).

PETKIT GO Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Dog Leash
PETKIT GO Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Dog Leash

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $120, now going for $50 only. You can order yours online, directly from PETKIT’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

Additionally, you can always get your unit’s leash in one of three (x3) different color options, but those are sold separately, costing you just $9 each (instead of their normal price of $23). These extra colorful leashes are available in Grey, Pink, and Green. You can pick yours by going to this page.

Extra Leashes (Three different Color Models)
Extra Leashes (Three different Color Models)

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