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    SeatZac E-ZY – Self-Inflatable Chair w/ Automatic Air Pump

    SeatZac E-ZY – Self-Inflatable Chair w/ Automatic Air Pump

    When relaxing outdoors with family and friends, air loungers simply make the experience much better. However, whether you find yourself kicking back and relaxing just outside your home or outdoors somewhere in the countryside, traditional air loungers can be somewhat hard to fill up with air and have them nicely inflated. Nevertheless, the renowned European air lounger brand called SeatZac Original took the matter into their own hands and came up with a brand-new and ingenious air lounger unit that promises to fix that exact problem, making it so much easier to fill up and use than any traditional air loungers that are currently available on the market. Meet the SeatZac E-ZY Self-Inflatable Chair.

    The SeatZac E-ZY is a lightweight and ultra-durable self-inflatable chair that comes equipped with an integrated patented air pump that the company calls “MR EZY”, which also features a built-in 2600 mAh lithium power bank.

    That same 2600 mAh lithium powerbank is what allows the air lounger’s MR EZY (its integrated patented air pump) to automatically inflate the SeatZac Self-Inflatable Chair.

    With a simple, yet ingenious design, SeatZac’s brand-new air lounger models promise to fix your air lounger inflation problems and make it much easier and convenient for you, your family and your friends to quickly fill a set of air loungers and relax outside together.

    Now, let’s have a more detailed look at this self-inflatable chair / air lounger and check everything that the SeatZac E-ZY has to offer.


    Starting with the air lounger’s design, as mentioned earlier, each SeatZac E-ZY Chair is ultra-lightweight, weighing just a measly 32.452 oz. (920 g ). Thanks to that, you can easily have the unit folded into its included Carrying Bag and conveniently carry it with you with ease at all times.


    The SeatZac E-ZY (meaning the chair itself) is made of ultra-durable and tear-resistant 210T light weight polyester, which also makes the lounger waterproof as well as very easy to clean with just water and soap.


    Then, moving on to the air lounger’s integrated patented air pump, its MR EZY built-in air pump is made of an ultra-durable and extra-strong ABS plastic.


    Now, in case you’re wondering whether or not the company has different models available, the answer is obviously yes! As a renowned European air lounger brand, the company (SeatZac Original) would obviously not leave anything to chance.


    As such, the company came up with two different models for its brand-new self-inflatable chair. Those are the seat zac (a low-back air lounger) and the SeatZac E-ZY Lounger / Gaming Chair (a raised-back air lounger that’s specifically designed for gamers – mainly couch gamers, not computer gamers, obviously).


    Both models feature the same ergonomic curve design, which is very noticeable at the center of either of the air lounger models, and that ultimately provides users with a great support to their back and neck while they’re sitting down.

    Not only that, but that same ergonomic curve design also enhances stability, making both air lounger models extremely stable, which consequently also ensures that users don’t roll over and out of the air lounger chairs.


    As mentioned earlier, both models of the SeatZac E-ZY Self-Inflatable Chair also come equipped with the company’s patented air pump, which they simply call “MR EZY”.

    In turn, this integrated air pump comes equipped with a built-in 2600 mAh lithium powerbank, which is exactly what allows the air lounger’s MR EZY integrated patented air pump to automatically inflate the SeatZac E-ZY. This 2600 mAh powerbank can inflate either SeatZac Air Lounger model between 20-25 times.

    Basically, the MR EZY Air Pump fills the SeatZac E-ZY Air Lounger quickly, taking just one minute. All you have to do is literally press the Automatically-Inflate Button once and watch the magic happen.

    Thanks to that, you won’t really need a lot of space at all, neither any wind at all (like some traditional air loungers sadly require). That ultimately makes the SeatZac E-ZY both a great outdoor product for the Summer as well as a great inflatable chair / air lounger to use indoors during the entire year.


    It’s also worth to mention that as soon as your E-ZY Air Lounger is fully inflated, the MR EZY’s internal powerbank can also be used to conveniently charge your Smartphone or any other USB-enabled devices.

    Obviously, when sitting on the SeatZac E-ZY Lounger / Gaming Chair, gaming enthusiasts could even have their wireless gaming controller’s internal battery to conveniently charge during their gaming session’s thanks to the air lounger’s built-in 2600 mAh powerbank.

    Lastly, whenever you get the powerbank’s battery completely depleted, recharging the MR EZY’s internal powerbank back to a full charge is also as easy as you’d hope for. All you have to do is to connect its included Micro-USB Charging Cable to the air lounger’s MR EZY’s Micro-USB Charging Port and wait just a few hours to have the powerbank fully recharged.

    During the charging period, the integrated LED Charging Indicator will shine with a bright red color. However, as soon as the powerbank’s battery is fully charged, that same LED Charging Indicator will light up as bright green.


    Inside each package, users will find: their choice of SeatZac E-ZY Air Lounger (either the lower back model or the gaming air lounger model), an included Storage / Carrying Bag, and one (x1) included Micro-USB Charging Cable.


    The SeatZac E-ZY is a lightweight and ultra-durable self-inflatable chair that’s equipped with the “MR EZY”, an integrated patented air pump that features a built-in 2600 mAh lithium powerbank for auto-inflation and USB device charging.


    Both air lounger models (meaning both the Seatzac E-ZY and Seatzac E-ZY Lounger / Gaming Chair) are currently available in four (x4) different colors: Sky Blue, Cherry Red, Candy Pink, and Classic Black.

    If you’re interested in buying either the Seatzac E-ZY or the Seatzac E-ZY Lounger, all you have to do is to support the company’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.

    Pledging a minimum of $56 will get you this product, while pledging at least $60 allows you to get the Seatzac E-ZY Lounger instead. There’s also a special Double Pack for supporters, which costs exactly $103 and gets you one of each air lounger models.

    Simply click the link ahead to access Seatzac’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign and learn more about these awesome self-inflatable air loungers.

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