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NOMAD Base Station Pro – Innovative Full-Surface 18-Coil Wireless Charger

When it comes to Qi-Wireless Charging, this technology has definitely come a very long way, and is now a typical standard in our everyday lives. Nowadays, most of us can relate to using Qi-Wireless Charging devices (stations, etc.) to recharge our Bluetooth- and Qi-enabled devices, including our Smartphones, Bluetooth Earbuds, or even our tablets. However, for the last few years, the tech. development for this wonderful technology (Qi-Wireless Charging) has been kind of stagnant on a mainstream front. Every year we’ve just been getting small increments of speed improvements for recharging our devices via Qi-Wireless Charging technlogy. Currently, we already have 30 Watt Wireless Chargers available on the market. Don’t get me wrong, that’s actually great, but the technlogy itself hasn’t fundamentally changed much since its introduction to the technology Sector. While this technology has been getting improved up to this point, it certainly hasn’t got a decent refinement. That is… up to this point of course. Meet the new game-changer in the Qi-Wireless Charging market, a device called the NOMAD Base Station Pro.

The NOMAD Base Station Pro is a powerful and high-end Qi-Wireless Charging station that works with a brand-new technology called FreePower technology, which ultimately enables a truly positionless charging experience.

In fact, this is the very first Qi-Wireless Charging device to feature FreePower technology. Basically, integrated within this high-end Qi-Wireless Charging Station is a matrix of 18 dedicated charging coils that intelligently work together to form an electromagnetic coupling to your device’s power receiver. Ultimately, this allows a user to simultaneously charge up to 3 devices anywhere within the station’s charging stand.

With its modern design, padded leather surface, and slim profile, the Base Station Pro is built to enhance any workspace, home, or office.

Now that we’ve got your attention about this revolutionary Qi-Wireless Charging Station, let’s have a deeper look at the device itself, check out its design, and see exactly how the NOMAD Base Station Pro works as well has look at everything that it has to offer you.


Starting with the NOMAD Base Station Pro’s actual size, while the station is quite spacious when it comes to its Qi-Wireless Charging Stand, the company still managed to make the unit pretty slim, giving it an ultra-thin body that measures just 8.7 inches long by 5.6 inches wide by an incredible 0.47 inches (1.2 cm) tall.

NOMAD Base Station Pro
NOMAD Base Station Pro

This Qi-Wireless Charging station is also made of really high-quality and durable materials. The station features a very sturdy precision-machined slate-gray aluminum chassis frame that makes it quite resistant (meaning ultra-durable) as well as very stable.

NOMAD Base Station Pro
NOMAD Base Station Pro

Additionally, the station also integrates a gorgeous looking black padded leather surface within it’s charging surface (meaning right above its 18 dedicated smart charging coils) that ultimately gives it a very stylish look and a nice finish to its minimalist design.

As mentioned earlier, this Qi-Wireless Charging station offers its users enough space to recharge up to three (x3) of their Qi-enabled devices at once within the station’s Qi-Wireless Charging stand.

NOMAD Base Station Pro
NOMAD Base Station Pro

At the front of the station users can also notice the unit’s dedicated set of 3 LED Charging Indicators, which keeps you informed about when the station is connected to power and working (or disconnected and not working).

NOMAD Base Station Pro
NOMAD Base Station Pro

Lastly, the Base Station Pro also comes equipped with durable no-slip grip rubber feet, which ultimately allow the station to sit perfectly in place, even when moving some papers around your desk / workplace.


Now, let’s have a look at the Base Station Pro’s interior in order to understand exactly why this works better than any other Qi-Wireless Charging Station that’s currently available on the market.

It’s important to note that when it comes to Wireless Charging technology, while every company has simply been taking the same parts and components off of the shelf and throwing them into fancier newer Wireless Charging Stands (or Cases) – even including Apple – consumer electronics and lifestyle products company NOMAD (who’s based out of Santa Barbara, California) decided to look forward to the future and raise the bar.

Thanks to the company’s hard work, NOMAD finally recently came up with an innovative charging station that’s guaranteed to change the standards of any future released Qi-Wireless Charging Stations.

The company was looking to make a wireless charger that didn’t have the commonly-found finicky hot spots or any bad positioning issues for your Qi-enabled devices, meaning those times were you place your Smartphone over a Qi-Wireless Charging station but nothing really happens.

That’s when the hard-working people at NOMAD decided to form their partnership with Aira, who’s the brilliant company that’s responsible for developing the Base Station Pro’s proprietary FreePower technology, which basically distributes power throughout the station’s entire wireless charging stand, no matter where you place your Qi-enabled device.

As mentioned earlier, the Base Station Pro is the very first Qi-Wireless Charging device to feature FreePower technology. Ultimately, that’s exactly how the NOMAD Base Station Pro allows you conveniently set your devices anywhere within its wireless charging surface to have them quickly start charging.

While traditional wireless chargers only have 1 coil that delivers power to your Qi-enabled devices (Smartphone, earbuds, etc.) as long as those devices are lined up perfectly on it, the Base Station Pro breaks that standard with its compact multi-level coil board assembly, which integrates a special matrix of 18 dedicated charging coils that intelligently work together thanks to that FreePower technology to form an electromagnetic coupling to your device’s power receiver.

The station works based on FreePower’s proprietary algorithms, which basically allow the unit to cleverly find your devices within the Base Station Pro’s surface through a series of “pings”. Then, as soon as these smart algorithms find your device, the Base Station Pro creates a series of virtual coils that deliver power to your Qi-enabled devices, no matter where they are within the station’s wireless charging surface.


Thanks to all of that, the NOMAD Base Station Pro allows users to simultaneously charge up to 3 devices anywhere within its sleek black padded leather wireless charging surface.


The Base Station Pro is currently compatible with the iPhone Series, the AirPods and AirPods Pro (along with their respective Wireless Charging Cases), as well as several different other Qi-enabled devices that support Qi Wireless Charging, including the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 3 Smartphones, the Samsung Note 10, 20 and Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, S10 and S20 phones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Buds Live and even both the Nexus 7 Tablet and Amazon Fire Tablet 7.

Furthermore, for any upcoming releases of Qi-enabled devices in the nearby future, if the company update’s the Nomad Base Station Pro’s software to increase its compatibility with a wider range of devices, users can very easily and conveniently update their Base Station Pro’s software by simply plugging it into a Mac or PC.

Keep in mind that with every new FreePower software release, the company is looking to not only provide you with additional device compatibility, but also with charging improvements as well as any potential bug fixes that might exist.


The NOMAD Base Station Pro comes together with its own dedicated 2-meters braided USB-C Power Cable, which is how you keep the unit connected to power and ready to charge any of your Qi-enabled devices.

This Qi-Wireless Charging station features a 30W USB-C PD power supply, supports between 100-240V input and offers you up to 7.5W of charging speed.

I’d also like to add that each package also comes together with US, EU, UK and even AU power-adapters included, so literally everyone is covered for power-compatibility issues.

It’s important to note that it might take the station’s wireless charging pad a little longer to recognize your iPhone whenever you place it on the pad, which, for the end-user, can be a little off-putting at first, as the company does praise its FreePower technology a lot, which, is still guaranteed to find your devices within the charging wireless stand no matter where you place them.

However, after doing so a few times, you’ll get used to those few extra-seconds of waiting, and you’ll probably learn to have confidence in how you place you’re Smartphone (or iPhone) on top of the NOMAD Base Station Pro.


While the NOMAD Base Station Pro allows you to wirelessly charge up to 3 of your Qi-enabled devices at once, the company also has an Apple Watch Mount available for its Base Station Pro, which simply clicks into place at the top (back) left of station.

Ultimately, this special Apple Watch Mount also brings Apple Watch charging compatibility to your Base Station Pro, enabling you to charge all your devices in one place together with your Apple Watch, which then accounts for a total of 4 devices charging at once.

This sleek and minimalist Apple Watch Mount features a very aesthetically pleasing design that matches the Base Station Pro, and thanks to that, the Apple Watch Mount can be easily and seamlessly integrated into your desktop setup.

While this Apple Watch Mount is included for free with each Base Station Pro purchase, these special accessories for the station will only be shipping separately from the main unit somewhere in early 2021, so keep that in mind.


The NOMAD Base Station Pro is a powerful and high-end Qi-Wireless Charging station that works with a special FreePower technology that ultimately enables a truly positionless charging experience.

NOMAD Base Station Pro
NOMAD Base Station Pro

This wireless charging station is currently the best in the market, without any doubt whatsoever. The station itself features a very minimalist and ultra-modern design, and its ultra-fast and truly positionless wireless charging functionality allows Qi-Wireless Charging fans to greatly enhance their current workspace, whether they’re currently working from home or already back at the office.

If you’re interested in buying the NOMAD Base Station Pro, each unit is currently going for a very affordable price of just $199.95. You can order yours online right now, directly from NOMAD’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

Lastly, the company also has a few accessories available that are worth mentioning.

Apple Watch Straps

For anyone that has an Apple Watch that they’re going to be charging at their new Base Station Pro, NOMAD also has a ton of brand-new, custom-designed, ultra-durable and ultra-sleek Apple Watch Straps, which ultimately offer your Apple Watch a very cool and unique look.

There are several materials and styles to choose from, going from a simple modern leather look all the way to a full-silver-hardware style. Prices start at $69.95. Click this link to go check them out.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Phone Covers

For anyone that already has (or is looking to get) the iPhone 12 Pro Max, NOMAD also has available some very minimalist, ultra-durable and ultra-sleek phone covers for Apple’s brand-new phone.

Prices are at a very low line, going just between $49.95 and $69.95. Check that collection out by clicking this link.

Ultra-Durable Charging Cables made of Kevlar Materials

Last but not least, for those that are looking for high-end USB-C to Lightning Charging Cables, NOMAD has their own special collection of Charging Cables available, and these are simply much more durable than any other charging cable solution on the market.

The collection includes USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to Lightning, USB-C to Universal, USB-A to Lightning, and USB-A to Universal. All of these Charging Cables are made of ultra-durable Kevlar materials, which make these the right choice to go with for anyone that’s looking for better Charging Cables for their devices. Price tags are very affordable, starting just at $24.95. You can order your own online via this link.

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