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    Cleanclick – Untouchable Germ-Free Stylus Pen for All your Devices

    During these hectic times, people around the world have been looking for better ways of staying protected from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the COVID-19 disease. Not only that, but the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has also made people more self-conscious about staying protected from other dangerous pathogens (infectious agents) like bacteria and germs, as those can potentially get picked up from any electronic devices that people handle on a daily basis. This includes your Smartphone, tablet, and laptop, as well as any devices that integrate either buttons (like calculators), capacitive touchscreens (like Smartphones), or even both types of interface. Bacteria and germs are invisible to the human eye, so they can quickly multiply as soon as they get picked up by any device. What’s even worst than your own devices picking up bacteria and germs is the fact that devices equipped with buttons and capacitive touchscreens that are solely available for public use – like ATM machines for example – are regularly used by a large amount of people on a daily basis. That said, it’s highly likely for any of those devices capacitive touchscreens’ or buttons’ surfaces to have already picked up germs or bacteria. So, if you’re looking to avoid picking up those pesky germs, then the Cleanclick is the perfect tool for you.

    The Cleanclick is a custom designed high-quality no-touch tool that’s equipped with a retractable and spring-loaded solid brass stylus, working just like a regular stylus pen for your own personal germ-free use with any devices.

    With this custom designed untouchable germ-free stylus pen, you can greatly increase your chances of staying protected and never picking up any dangerous germs or bacteria while using several different devices throughout your daily routine.

    That not only includes your own personal devices (like your Smartphone, a tablet, your laptop, etc.) but also devices designed for public use (like an ATM machine, a metro station electronic ticket machine, a restaurant’s / dinner’s electronic touchscreen for placing your orders, a payment terminal, and anything else that you can think of.). This would also include elevator buttons, as well as any devices equipped with buttons that are used by employees, like calculators, cash registers, etc.

    Now, without further ado, let’s have a more detailed look at the Cleanclick and check out exactly how does this untouchable germ-free stylus pen works as well as see everything that it has to offer you.


    Starting with the Cleanclick’s size, this stylus pen comes in a very compact size, as it is in fact designed for your personal use. Not only is the whole unit compact, but it also features an ergonomic design that makes it visually appealing, i.e. aesthetically pleasing to look at.

    Cleanclick Untouchable Germ-Free Stylus Pen
    Cleanclick Untouchable Germ-Free Stylus Pen

    In fact, this special stylus pen features a unique retractable design that allows its internal solid brass milled stylus to be retracted whenever you’re not using the Cleanclick. Ultimately, that makes the unit safe to be kept in a bag, purse or even inside your pocket without ever having to worry about its solid brass stylus’ tip touching whatever else you’re carrying with you.

    Speaking of using the device, while its unique retractable design ensures that you can keep the Cleanclick safely stored away with its internal solid brass milled stylus retracted inside the unit, its Spring-Loaded Release mechanism allows you to easily and conveniently deploy its internal solid brass milled stylus with a satisfying “Click” sound. (Hence, the product’s name, the “CleanClick”).

    The unit’s solid brass milled stylus also integrates a capacitive silver-fabric rubber tip that conveniently allows you to use the Cleanclick’s tip to write on any device’s touchscreen.

    Cleanclick Untouchable Germ-Free Stylus Pen
    Cleanclick Untouchable Germ-Free Stylus Pen

    Furthermore, the entire unit is also quite durable, featuring an injection moulded construction that’s completely made of ultra-tough ABS plastic, which, other than making it extremely sturdy, also makes the Cleanclick very easy to grip by giving it a easy-grip custom moulded surface.

    Now, what makes the Cleanclick the ultimate untouchable and germ-free Stylus Pen that’s ultra-safe for you to personally use with any device is none other than its fully-antimicrobial outer casing, which is made of Biomaster 612. This special layer ingredient is a silver-based antimicrobial agent that’s manufactured to keep germs and bacteria away from the unit’s outer body.

    All of these features are exactly what makes the CleanClick the highest quality-touch tool (in its case, a stylus pen) that’s currently available on the market.

    I’d also like to mention that right at the top of the unit, the CleanClick also comes equipped with a Solid Brass Keyring Attachment, which ultimately makes it very convenient for you to carry the unit with you all times, as you’ll most likely never forget to bring your keys with you (hopefully, that is).


    Using the CleanClick for your own personal use with different devices equipped with either buttons, capacitive touchscreens or even both couldn’t be easier than what it already is.

    Literally all you have to do is to simply click/push its one single button to have the unit release its spring-loaded mechanism, which, as mentioned earlier, will force its internal solid brass milled stylus to come out of the unit and be quickly deployed for your own safe and germ-free use.

    After clicking the units single button, its internal solid brass milled stylus will smoothly lock into place with a satisfying “Click” sound, thus allowing you to use its capacitive silver-fabric rubber tip (integrated at the front end of the unit’s brass stylus) to press any buttons, use any touchscreens and any other public interfaces that you need to interact with.

    Additionally, since the CleanClick’s capacitive silver-fabric rubber tip works with all kinds of touchscreens and signature pads, you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to its compatibility.

    Lastly, whenever you’re done using the unit, you can simply pull back its Spring-Loaded Release mechanism by using its sliding button backwards to easily and conveniently retract the unit’s internal solid brass milled stylus. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to keep the CleanClick safely stored inside pocket, purse or bag until the next time you need to use it.


    The Cleanclick is a custom designed no-touch germ-free stylus pen that’s equipped with a retractable and spring-loaded solid brass stylus, working like a stylus pen for your personal germ-free use with any devices.

    Cleanclick Untouchable Germ-Free Stylus Pen
    Cleanclick Untouchable Germ-Free Stylus Pen

    With it, you can greatly increase your chances of staying protected and never picking up any dangerous germs or bacteria while using several different devices throughout your daily routine, whether those devices are personal (like your Smartphone for example), or public (like an ATM machine, a restaurant’s electronic orders board or anything else).

    Lastly, since the Cleanclick comes custom engineered and injection moulded in custom colors, you have the choice to pick it up in one of six different personalized colors, just to ensure that your personal color taste is covered. The Cleanclick is available in Bright Red, Green, Orange, Brown, Santorini Blue (Greyish Blue), and Light Blue.

    If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for just $29. While the company’s successful Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign is already over, the company will have more units available at its official website and shopping page, which you can quickly access by clicking this link here.

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