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    Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera – Full HD Outdoors Security Camera

    Nowadays, home security is one of the most important things for homeowners to consider. With so many devices available to choose from, homeowners can easily protect just about every part of their house by installing gadgets such as automatic lights, smart video doorbells, indoors and outdoors security cameras, smart hubs, and more. Specifically for security cameras, going with a outdoors floodlight camera is definitely one of the best ways for homeowners to keep the outside of their house protected from “unwanted visitors”, as these featured-packed outdoor security gadgets always come equipped with motion-activated LED lights, while also usually integrating a video camera, a built-in microphone, two-way audio speakers and a deterrence siren alarm. With that said, if you’re on the look for a decent floodlight camera to install just outside your home, then consider going with the Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera.

    The Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera is a featured-packed outdoors security camera that integrates two 2000 lumens Light Arrays, a 1080p Full HD camera with a 137° FoV and Night Vision, a two-way talk system with a built-in microphone and speaker, a remotely triggered siren, and 32GB of internal memory that’s expandable up to 256GB.

    Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera
    Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera

    Offering you an easy and quick setup/installation, Smart home compatibility for simple Voice Commands via Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistance, and even an easy remote connection via its proprietary Smartphone Companion App (the Lorex Home app – discussed at the end of the article), the Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera is one of the most complete outdoors floodlight security cameras that you can currently find available on the market.

    The company itself (Lorex) has just recently released this outdoors floodlight security camera, which is in fact part of its brand-new Lorex Fusion Collection, which includes a set of Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and wireless security devices that all work with the company’s already-mentioned Lorex Home App.

    Seriously, this outdoors floodlight security camera comes integrated with EVERYTHING you need to keep both your home and family protected from any potential intruders, as well as any “porch pirates” (meaning people that commonly look to steal packages that delivered at your front door), and pretty much anyone else with bad intentions.

    Now, without further ado, let’s have a more detailed look at the Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera


    Starting with the floodlight camera’s size, the entire system measures exactly 12.8 inches long by 7.3 inches wide by 11.4 inches tall (325 x 185 x 290 mm), and that’s already accounting with its included Mounting Kit (which we’ll be covering just ahead, in the Setup/Installation part of the article).

    Since the Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera is designed as an outdoors floodlight security camera system, this floodlight camera also features an IP65 weather-resistance certification, which basically means that the system can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including heavy-rain or even snow.

    The system’s IP65 weather-resistance certification basically gives it a IP65 Water-Resistance rating, as well as a 140°F (60°C) Heat Rating (the maximum heat that the system can withstand), and a -40°F (-40°C) Cold Rating (the lowest cold temperature that the system can withstand).

    Thanks to its reliable weather-resistance specs and its wide-range weather ratings, no matter where you live, you’re always guaranteed that the weather will never interfere with the system’s performance.

    Dual LED Floodlights

    As stated before, this floodlight camera system comes equipped with two built-in 2,000 lumens LED lights, meaning that its dual LED lights can produce a total of 4,000 lumens. Without a doubt, that’s more than enough to illuminate either your front door, garage, or backyard during the night with a bright light that makes everything under it extremely visible.

    Not only that, but these two LED floodlights can actually be independently adjusted, both vertically and horizontally, and this ultimately allows you to create a customized area exactly where you want each floodlight to shine its bright light.

    This is the system’s first security layer, as no evil-doer would want to get caught on video with perfect visibility conditions.

    I should also note that there are three different ways for activating the system’s floodlights. Those are Motion-Activation (by detecting any movement close to the camera itself), on a Schedule, or ultimately, Manually-Activated (meaning that you can remotely trigger the system’s floodlight).

    In motion-triggered mode, the system’s lights will automatically turn whenever its integrated passive infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor with a 270° Field of View (diagonal) detects movement. In case that happens, the system’s floodlights will always automatically turn off right after the designated duration (this is done within the Lorex Home App).

    It’s also important to note that this built-in passive infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor is designed to sense the infrared energy that eminates from people, animals, or vehicles, and that will ultimately help the system to reduce any false alarms that could potentially be caused by other moving objects (like a tree shaking in the wind for example).

    Lastly, and as stated before, you also have the option to activate the floodlights manually or on a schedule through the Lorex Home app.

    Deterrence Siren

    Other than the system’s dual LED lights, this floodlight camera also comes equipped with a Deterrence Siren Alarm that can be used to ward off any potential intruders.

    Basically, this Deterrence Siren Alarm can be conveniently triggered remotely, and that’s done directly from your phone by using the Lorex Home App.

    Video Camera

    Moving on to the system’s video camera. This is a 1080p Full HD video camera that is equipped with a wide-angle camera lens that is ideal for monitoring large areas or doorways.

    With its ultra-wide 137° diagonal Field of View (which also provides you with a maximum 114° horizontal FoV), the Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera can easily cover wider (or deeper) areas of your property that an ordinary camera simply would not be able to monitor and keep track of.

    Thanks to all of that, this outdoors floodlight security system can easily capture any important details with real-time 30 fps (frames-per-second) full 1080p HD resolution video recording.

    Now, while the system’s wide-angle lens provides you with more security coverage and helps with earlier detections, its 1080p video camera also features Infrared (IR) Night Vision LEDs, which works up to 50 ft. (15m).

    Overall, the system’s 1080p Full HD video camera is something to be proud of, as it integrates all the features you’d hope to see in a floodlight security system that’s released at the end of 2020.

    Lastly, keep in mind that this Wi-Fi floodlight camera also works 24/7, so whether its day or night, your home is guaranteed to stay safe and protected.

    Two-Way Talk System

    Other than its dual LED lights and its 1080 video camera, this outdoors floodlight security system also features both a built-in microphone (located right above the camera lens) and a built-in speaker (located at the back of the system), which ultimately provide homeowners with a reliable two-way talk system.

    Thanks to that, you can easily listen and/or talk directly to anyone that gets reasonably close to this Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera, and you can easily do that by using the camera’s proprietary Lorex Home App.

    Internal Memory / Local Storage Space

    As mentioned earlier, the system also features exactly 32GB of internal memory (for local and private storage) which can be used to store any video footage, and that’s offered by using the included 32GB microSD card.

    Now, since some people might think that 32GB is not much, you’ll be happy to know that the camera’s storage space is actually expandable up to 256GB, as it supports up to a 256 GB microSD card, so keep that in mind.


    When it comes to the system’s setup/installation, it couldn’t be simpler than what it already is. To put it simply, this Wi-Fi floodlight camera is installed by using your existing light fixture wiring, as that’s what allows the system to stay powered 24/7 without ever having you to deal with replacing or recharging batteries.

    Now, while you can conveniently use the existing wiring from any previous floodlight or outdoor house light, you can also choose to connect the system to your pre-existing standard junction box.

    As mentioned earlier, after wiring and installing the system via its included Mounting Kit, both the system’s physical camera and its dual LED lights can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, which is a very convenient and handy feature to have when it comes to today’s limited real estate spaces.

    Lastly, keep in mind that after installing the system into your chosen spot/wall, the floodlight camera must then be set up within the Lorex Home App. Additionally, remember that you upgrade the camera to the latest firmware via the App.

    If you need any more information about how to install the system, either have a look at the company’s detailed Installation Guide, or ultimately, check out the company’s official full-installation video (embedded below), which will show you in detail every single step of the process.


    Since this is indeed a Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera system, this floodlight camera obviously features Wi-Fi Connectivity, meaning that it supports the most common Wireless Standards (802.11 a/b/g/n), operating at a frequency band of 2.4 GHz.

    Now, you’ll be very happy to know that while many other brands of outdoors (as well as indoors) Wi-Fi Camera Systems usually require a manual reset if there is a power outage or the loss of Wi-Fi signal, that’s certainly not the case with the Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera.

    Nope. Contrairly to that, the Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera will automatically re-connect itself to your WiFi after any power outage or Wi-Fi signal loss.


    Compatible with Voice Assistants

    As mentioned earlier, the Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera is also compatible with two different voice assistant, meaning that it works with both Amazon Alexa and/or the Google Assistant.

    Compatible with the Lorex Home Center

    After installing the system and setting it up via the Lorex Home App (discussed right ahead), this outdoors floodlight security camera system can also be added to the Lorex Home Center along with other indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras and floodlight cameras that you already have installed, as well as any video doorbells and extra alarm sensors.


    Lastly, we have the system’s proprietary Lorex Home App, which is available to download for free for both iOS and Android devices.

    Lorex Home App
    Lorex Home App

    The Lorex Home App is very easy to use, and ultimately, it allows homeowners to view live or record video from virtually anywhere in the world, while also allowing them to talk through the camera, program the system’s warning lights (up to 3 configurable zones with activation distance and time spent ON after activated), activate the siren remotely, and even receive instant push notifications on their Smartphone due to any potential motion activity.

    Lorex Home App
    Lorex Home App


    Inside each package users will find: their Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera, one (x1) included 32GB MicroSD Memory Card, the system’s included Mounting Kit, as well as a Quick Start Guide.


    The Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera is a featured-packed outdoors security camera that integrates two 2000 lumens Light Arrays, a 1080p Full HD camera with a 137° FoV and Night Vision, a two-way talk system with a built-in microphone and speaker, a remotely triggered siren, and 32GB of internal memory that’s expandable up to 256GB.

    Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera
    Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera

    Overall, this outdoors floodlight camera security system comes equipped with everything you need to keep any home safe and protected in this new decade that came with 2020. Integrating additional cool features like Voice Assistant compatibility for Alexa or the Google Assistant and expandability for the system via the company’s Lorex Home Center, you’re guaranteed to have one of the most (if not the most) complete outdoors security system that you can currently get.

    If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently under a 28% discount from its normal price of $179.99, now going for just $129.99. You can order yours online right now, directly from Lorex’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.

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