EVO Gym – All-In-One Portable Gym Exercise Solution


A lot’s changed over the last year but the benefits of exercising regularly remain the same. Going to the local gym, if they’re even open, is often inconvenient and many feel it’s still too risky in light of the ongoing pandemic. For those reasons – fitness routines and equipment are evolving. EVO Gym is the foldable, versatile, personal gym that makes effective workouts possible anywhere, anytime. It’s a more convenient way to exercise, from the comfort of home or on-the-go, that will give you results plus peace of mind.

What sets EVO Gym apart is its custom resistance bands that allow users to incrementally increase their resistance, from 10 to more than 300 pounds, challenging beginners and experts alike. Its portability and storability make it ideal for living room workouts or working out on-the go, once the pandemic is over. It conveniently folds and packs up for easy storage under a bed or in a closet, and can be taken out for quick set-up and use.

EVO Gym was inspired by resistance band-based equipment. Understanding the limits of traditional bands, EVO Gym features improvements to fit the needs of workout routines at every experience level. Let’s have a more detailed look at the EVO Gym and see exactly how it works.



The EVO Gym base is made of three components:

  • A rubber top plate for slide resistance
  • A polycarbonate body
  • Aluminum support anchors — one on each side and one in the middle to attach the resistance bands, and support your body weight.

There are two arms that go under the base and the hinge in the middle. These arms connect at this hinge and lock in the middle, which only rotate 180 degrees in one direction, preventing the sides from collapsing inward.

The EVO Gym resistance bands feature notches that hook into the base that allow you to connect multiple bands and change their resistance Changing the height of the bands is also easy to accommodate a variety of workouts.

Each band has six small balls inserted inside at 10-inch intervals to serve as notches. These notches allow resistance to begin at varying heights, making it possible to perform deadlifts or overhead presses with the same bands. You simply take the band, slide it into the slot at the end of the base, and pull the notch against the slot in a secure position.

You can add up to four resistance bands on each side of the base, meaning that you can reach a maximum resistance of more than 300 pounds.

EVO Gym comes with two handles and a lightweight steel bar so you can perform a broad range of exercises.

You have the option to hook either the handles or the bar to the resistance bands. Those resistance bands then hook to the base to perform the best workout for you.


Mitchell McBrayer invented the EVO Gym as a way to help people take control over their lives and feel empowered no matter how busy life gets. He is passionate about removing obstacles and creating opportunities. Here’s a closer look at how easy EVO Gym is to use:




Whether it’s leg day, arm day or a combination of both, EVO Gym is the all-in-one solution perfect for achieving results.

The EVO Gym doesn’t require a lot of space to use and requires even less space to store, as it’s easily packed up for convenient storage. It’s portable and lightweight, making it easy to grab-and-go for workouts in the park or while traveling – once it’s safe to resume.


If you’re interested in buying the EVO Gym, it’s currently crowdfunding and has already surpassed its funding goal. Check out the campaign and pre-order one for yourself by clicking here.