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7 Reasons Why US Casino Sites Rely on using PayPal

The past few years have seen the development of new online casinos across the US, from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. More states are expected to follow the trend this year, with Illinois, New York and South Dakota all in favor of legalizing online gambling.

Interestingly, many online casinos in the US select one e-wallet to help players deposit and withdraw money: PayPal. Sure, the e-wallet is incredibly successful worldwide and has many benefits. But it also features its drawbacks. Also, it’s not the only e-wallet out there.

In this article, we’ll talk about 7 reasons that makes nearly every online casino in the US to partner with PayPal for payments. Ready? Let’s dive right in.

Popular with Players

When you think about it, there are not many e-wallets that come close to PayPal’s popularity. The 1997-launched company has nearly 300 million customers. And based on its financial muscles, PayPal is bigger than most banks in the world.

Casino players love PayPal for different reasons. Some people like that it’s free and easy to use. Others cherish its low fees and impressive payment speeds. All the same, it’s one e-wallet many players love to see at their favorite casinos.

There’s also the issue of PayPal being one of a few American e-wallets that work with casinos. Most e-wallets in the iGaming businesses are based in Europe. And the companies based in the US are not as big and established as PayPal.

Secure: Best PayPal Casino Sites Guide

One of PayPal’s most attractive qualities is that it invests heavily on security. That’s how it is able to process millions of transactions worth billions of dollars every year. Its high regard for security also helps protect players’ data.

Like many online businesses, PayPal encrypts users’ data through SSL. But it doesn’t stop there. It has more security certificates, and allows players to secure their accounts through unique passwords and 2-factor authentication.

Before partnering with a casino, PayPal also requires these businesses to meet certain security standards. That way, no one can ever complain about losing their data to a PayPal casino. The giant e-wallet also focuses on licensed businesses to ensure they are genuine and trustworthy.

In light of that information, you can find the best PayPal casino sites guide at roulettesites.org. Read it to discover the most trusted operators that accept PayPal in the US. As a gift, you’ll also get information about each website’s bonuses and how to claim them.

Fast and Affordable

PayPal is fast and cheap, features that benefit both casinos and players. Operators like fast banking operators because they are attractive to players. On the flip side, they love affordable banking providers because they are good for business.

Players love fast e-wallets like PayPal to save time. On the other hand, they go to PayPal to save money during transactions. In other words, the e-wallet provides two things casinos and players agree on—the ideal payment method should be fast and affordable.

The way PayPal works is that merchants (casinos) pay for its services. In turn, players don’t need to pay charged when making deposits. For withdrawals, the merchants decide whether to charge players or not. That’s why some casinos charge fees during withdrawals while others don’t.

Mobile Compatible

PayPal was one of the first e-wallets to create an app back when native apps were trendy. Today, the e-wallet works through native apps and browser websites. Regardless of your choice, PayPal promises quick, low cost and secure transactions.

Most casinos in the US are mobile compatible to attract the millions of Americans that own mobile devices. Statistically, over 50% of online casino players also prefer to play casino games through iPhones and android devices.

Due to that, casinos don’t have a choice when it comes to choosing banking partners. They need to offers their payments to mobile devices users. Otherwise, the operators could lose customers and by extension, money.

KYC Verifications

PayPal takes KYC verification seriously. Sure, it allows new customers to transact small amounts of money without providing verification details. However, it asks for identity verification from its customers that intend to make transactions in the long haul.

By doing KYC verifications, PayPal helps fight fraud on its platform. It also helps frauds from getting their way into casinos. Of course, betting companies must also carry out KYC verification by law. This is good to help fight crimes like money laundering and identity theft.

That said, PayPal also helps casinos to fight back from scammers. This works through its chargeback service—some players deposit money to casinos but later as for it back. These days, PayPal does due diligence to ensure that people asking for chargebacks aren’t cons.

Good Customer Service

Not everyone will agree with this point. But PayPal does its best to provide reliable customer service. It works with millions of merchants and customers. So, its support department is constantly overwhelmed with requests.

All the same, it features live chatbots, emails, social media pages and forums through which casinos and customers can get assistance. Most complaints about PayPal’s customer service come from people that like quick replies from human support agents.

But if you’re okay with getting solutions through community forums, FAQ pages and more, you get solutions to all your PayPal issues just fine.

Overall Reliable Company

E-wallets come and go but PayPal remains amongst the best payment methods for casinos. It’s available 24/7 on both mobile and desktop devices. Applying for a payment gateway takes a couple of hours. And that means casinos don’t need a long process to make PayPal one of their payment providers.

When it comes to handling money, PayPal does the job seamlessly. It allows casino players to deposit as little as $1 and up to $10,000. It processes payments while protecting user data—casinos don’t even receive their customers’ financial data.

Casino PayPal

Then there’s the e-wallets trend-setting nature. It innovates regularly, like PayPal One Touch, which streamlines the payment process for its customers. Overall, PayPal is a trusted banking partner for both casinos and players.

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