VaBroom – Smart 2-In-1 Sweeper Broom with Built-In Vacuum

VaBroom Smart Vacuum Broom

Sweeping the floors in your house can be quite an exhausting task, as using a typical house broom can usually take you a lot of time and energy to have an entire room’s floor nicely cleaned. However, instead of using a standard house broom, try using a Smart Broom like the VaBroom, as this awesome cleaning gadget allows you to completely eliminate the need of having to use a dustpan and bending over just to collect any swept debris.

The VaBroom is a powerful 2-in-1 smart sweeper broom that comes equipped with a built-in vacuum, which allows it to quickly and conveniently suck up any household dirt and debris with ease while you’re sweeping the floors with it.

This ingenious Smart Broom was designed to make cleaning much easier and much faster than normal, which in turn allows you to have more time to enjoy life. That’s all thanks to the VaBroom’s built-in vacuum and high suction power RPM motor, this 2-in-1 cleaning tool is capable of easily eliminating just about any household dirt and debris that are swept from the floor with it, as its integrated suction nozzle can quickly suck up all of the collect debris.

By using this innovative cleaning tool, you’ll never again have the need to use a dustpan and bend over to collect your swept debris, and as such, you’ll be able to save some precious time and energy that you can then use to spend some quality time with family and friends. At the same time, the VaBroom also eliminates the need for having a bulky vacuum cleaner around the house.

Now, without further ado, let’s have a more detailed look at this VaBroom and check out all of its components and also see exactly what this awesome smart cleaning tool has to offer you.


Starting with the VaBroom’s ultra-lightweight construction, this 2-in-1 sweeper and vacuuming broom is fairly easy to maneuver, as it only weighs 39 ounces in total.

VaBroom Smart Vacuum Broom
VaBroom Smart Vacuum Broom

Not only that, but since this smart broom also features a completely cordless design, that ultimately makes it quite easy to handle this smart broom around any hard-to-reach places. Best of all, the VaBroom’s ultra-sleek design and compact body also make it very easy to store it once you’re done cleaning with it. At the top of the broom’s handle, there’s also a small Hanging Loop that allows you to conveniently hang the broom when you want to store it.

Moving on to its components, this smart broom features a 3-Piece Locking Handle that’s fairly easy to assemble. Furthermore, just like any broom, this smart broom obviously comes equipped with perfectly flagged bristles, which are built with a fairly reasonably sturdy construction all the way to their “fluffier” end, which makes the broom’s bristles capable of catching any amount of light dust with ease.

Additionally, and as mentioned before, the VaBroom’s suction functionality is powered by the unit’s internal high RPM Motor, which can offer you up to 20,000 RPMs of Vortex Suction.

Right at the bottom of the broom, coming right next to one side of its bristles, we also have its intelligently designed Pressure Activated Nozzle, which is exactly what makes the broom capable of easily sucking up almost any debris on contact.

Thanks to its high RPM Motor and Pressure Activated Nozzle, the VaBroom is perfectly capable of collecting any dust, debris, and even pet hair / pet dander from your floors.

Moreover, built right at the center of the broom’s head, we also have a compact built-in Dust Bin that features exactly 1-Cup Capacity for the broom’s collected debris / dust.

The broom’s integrated Dust Bin can be easily and very quickly emptied by simply clicking a Quick Released Button that’s located at the top of the broom’s head, just close to the start of its handle.


For its power-source, the VaBroom’s high RPM Motor is powered by a lost-lasting built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Powerpack, which can offer you a few hours of battery life before needing to be recharged.

Speaking of which, to recharge the broom’s Lithium Battery Powerpack, all you have to do is to connect the broom’s included High-Speed Charging Cable to its Charging Port and wait a few hours to get it’s battery back to a full charge.


Best of all, since this smart broom features an innovative design, using it for sweeping and sucking up all of your collected debris is a very easy thing to do.

That said, literally all you have to do is to sweep any dust, debris and/or pet hair (pet dander in your way into a small line or small pile of litter within your cleaning area.

After that, simply tilt the VaBroom and press its Pressure Activated Nozzle against the floor, which will then quickly trigger the broom’s built-in high suction power RPM motor to be activated.

Lastly, whenever you’re done filling up the broom’s 1-Cup Capacity Dust Bin, simply press its Quick Released Button to empty out its collected debris and get back to work with your VaBroom to quickly clean your floors.


Inside each package, users will find: their Vabroom Smart Vacuum Broom, as well as the broom’s Rechargeable Lithium Powerpack, its 3-Piece Locking Handle, and the broom’s proprietary High-Speed Charging Cable.


The VaBroom is a powerful 2-in-1 smart sweeper broom that comes equipped with a built-in vacuum, which allows it to quickly and conveniently suck up any household dirt and debris with ease while you’re sweeping the floors with it.

VaBroom Smart Vacuum Broom
VaBroom Smart Vacuum Broom

Featuring a built-in high suction-power RPM Motor that can offer you up to 20,000 RPMs of Vortex Suction, this smart vacuum broom is capable of quickly sucking up just about any debris. Overall, this awesome smart 2-in-1 cleaning tool allows you to cut the cords and completely eliminate the need for bending over and using dust pans to retrieve any of your swept dust / litter.

VaBroom Smart Vacuum Broom
VaBroom Smart Vacuum Broom

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $79.99, now going for just $59.99 each, and each purchase also comes together with a 2-Year Warranty. You can order yours online, directly from VaBroom’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.