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    System Requirements for Gadgets to Safely Play in BitStarz Casino

    System Requirements for Gadgets to Safely Play in BitStarz Casino

    Modern smartphones and tablets are so diverse in their functionality and capabilities that gamblers can easily download different applications for playing casinos on their devices. Some companies do not have a separate mobile application, but their browser version perfectly adapts to any gadget, allowing you to play slot machines for money without any restrictions.

    If you have read the best reviews with the experience of real players and paid attention to the Bitstarz Casino review Ca, you probably noticed that this online platform doesn’t have a mobile app. Still, you can safely play in the browser version. Let’s check out the functional requirements for your gadget to play safely.

    Minimum System Requirements

    For the application to work properly, we recommend using a device that meets (or exceeds) these parameters:

    • Android Version 7 or newer;
    • RAM 2 GB or more;
    • GPU 700 MHz (or higher);
    • Octa Core processor 1.7 GHz (or higher);
    • OpenGL Version 3+, or better.

    Below are the minimum system requirements for any Apple device. Please note that the more powerful your device is, the better your game will look. But don’t worry if your phone meets at least the minimum system requirements, you can play games anyway:

    • iPhone 6S or newer;
    • RAM 2 GB or more;
    • Processor Dual Core 1.8 GHz (Apple A9);
    • GPU PowerVR GT7600.

    If your device meets the minimum requirements, but you still have problems playing the game, read the tips below.

    Solving Problems on Mobile Devices

    First, you need to understand what exactly went wrong. Three main problems arise when playing on a mobile device: the game freezes, crashes, or refuses to load at all. Regardless of what happened, we recommend that you follow the steps below to either fix the problem or get closer to understanding the cause:

    Step 1. Close all background applications

    It’s important to reduce the number of variables that can affect the performance of a casino (especially if it’s a BitStarz game you’re trying to enjoy). Therefore, we advise you to close all applications running in the background to make sure that none of them is trying to interfere with your good time.

    Step 2. Restart your device

    It’s amazing how often a simple turning off and on of a device can solve a wide variety of technical problems. Remember, it is sometimes important to let your phone rest.

    Step 3. Update and restart the app

    Make sure your phone is updated to the latest version. Updating the operating system to the latest version can often help resolve application interoperability issues. The next step in solving the problem is updating the game itself.

    Step 4. Free up space on your device

    If you are constantly having problems, we advise you to free up some space on your device. If you see apps that you no longer use or that weigh too much, you can uninstall them to free up space on your device.

    Even if you do all of the above, the problem may still arise. We also recommend checking your Wi-Fi connection or contacting your internet service provider. If you think that the problem is on the casino’s side, please contact the support service.

    How Safe Are Mobile Casino Games?

    Some users are afraid that mobile casinos are less secure than desktop casinos. In fact, they are protected by strong encryption, which makes it possible for players not to worry that their data will be transferred to third parties or somehow used for fraudulent purposes.

    All information in online casinos is transmitted exclusively in encrypted form. In addition, if you are inactive on the page through a mobile phone or tablet for a certain time, then the system logs out. This will prevent third parties from using the player’s information, even if they forget to log out of the application.

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