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    Valentine’s Day Gadget Gifts That’ll Make ‘Em Swoon

    With the National Retail Foundation (NRF) determining that American consumers spent a whopping $21.8 billion just on alentine’s Day gift in 2021 on gifts for partners, friends, pets and more, one can surmise the tens of billions will again be spent on this lovely holiday in 2022.  This as we collectively turn to retailers to represent our adoration for others. While chocolate, flowers and perfume are indelibly idolized as quintessential Valentine’s Day endowments (and rightfully so), one can also think well outside of the candy box to aptly express affections. Here are a few tried-and-true Valentine’s Day gift items well-suited for the gadget fiends in your sphere.

    Aventon Aventure eBike from Aventon (
    For the city commuter or the outdoorsy adventurer in your life, give them the wheels to carry them wherever they want to go with the Aventure eBike from Aventon—a top gift pick of this season! As Aventon’s newest electric bike, the Aventure is a full-sized, fat tire eBike with cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing e-mobility. This model is equipped with a color display screen that syncs up with a smartphone app to give the rider the ultimate cycling experience. Each rider can use the app to turn the eBike’s lights on and off, track mileage and even connect with other Aventon enthusiasts. The app also includes a fan-favorite feature detailing the number of trees saved when you travel with electric power! With a front suspension fork, 4-inch fat tires, and exceptional handling you can be sure of the most comfortable ride across whichever terrain your spirit chooses. In fact, no terrain is too rugged for the Aventure, and a suspension fork with a bump absorbing 80mm of travel means that you’ll conquer all with best in class comfort. With a 28 mile-per-hour top speed, you’ll also travel at a brisk pace! Built-in fenders and integrated front and rear lights ensure that wherever you go you’ll be both seen by others and protected from the terrain beneath you. Get where you want to go with included throttle-on-demand and pedal assist functions. The throttle is there for when you need it, or when you just want to enjoy the scenery, whilst the five levels of pedal assist allow you to manage your energy expenditure so you can always make it to the top of that incline. Speaking of energy, you’ll get about 45 miles as the average range on a fully-charged battery. Let these killer wheels carry your loved one off on an adventure today!

    Guilloche Yozakura Fountain and Ballpoint Pens from Graf Von Faber-Castell (
    The Japanese cherry blossoming served as the inspiration behind the creation of Graf von Faber-Castell’s exquisite Guilloche Yozakura collection. A true luxury for the loves in your life. The fountain pen and twist ballpoint pen, which are offered in multiple colorways that includes a warm, soft rose hue, are perfect for noting down thoughts, ideas, appointments and tasks. The high-quality writing implements are presented in a gift box decorated adorned with a Japanese cherry blossom motif. Matching ink is available in an elegant bottle or as a folding box with six cartridges.  All Graf von Faber-Castell’s Guilloche writing instruments are made of precious resin and distinguished by a special process. Each one is engraved individually using a method otherwise reserved for jewelry or silver accessories. Guilloches—ornamental patterns of fine, engraved lines—originally adorned precious watches and accessories such as the legendary Fabergé eggs. Graf von Faber-Castell uses this traditional jewelling technique to transform the writing instruments in the Guilloche series into true pieces of jewelry: The precious resin barrel is given a filigree pattern line by line and then further refined in manual lacquering and polishing processes. The Guilloche models are available in many expressive color variations, as well as in a rhodium-plated finish. No two writing implements are identical: each is an individual example of the craftsman’s art.

    Outlier Air V3 Wireless Headphones from Creative (
    Whether taking a business call on the go or sweating it out in the gym, your loved one will adore the Outlier Air V3 Wireless Headphones from Creative. With 10 hours of battery life per charge, these truly wireless headphones are boosted to power up to 40 hours of total playtime. Creative Outlier Air V3 tops the series in its battery performance, so they can always be there when that special someone needs them. Creative has also raised the stakes with their newest Noise Control features, which include ambient noise mode and active noise reduction. Invite just enough of the outside world and control how much surrounding sound to let in with the Ambient Mode. Fully adjustable features via the Noise Control module on the Creative app helps you stay aware (and safe) of what’s going on around you, especially when you are outdoors. Whether you are cycling to work, walking along a busy street or making small talk with the barista, do so without having to remove your earbuds—just double tap to activate! When you need to shut out the world, double tap to turn on Active Noise Reduction. This feature uses a feedforward mic in each earbud to reduce noise coming from the surrounding area and into your ear. Say goodbye to what you don’t fancy hearing and stay focused on your tasks at hand, or relax with just you and your playlist. With customizable touch control buttons and quad mics for calls clarity, all features are engineered to get the best out of the truly wireless experience.

    Name a Star with Dedicated Stars (
    What better way to show your love than naming a star after someone? Giving someone their own unique star is a special way to commemorate and celebrate loved ones, friends and even pets. Among others, it’s popular for alentine’s Day gift, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.  Dedicated Stars offers you the option to name a star of your choice after the most special people in your life. It’s an extraordinary way to make your loved one feel cherished. You can select between Classic, Zodiac and Binary star packages. The Classic package will let you name a rare and bright star, while the Zodiac gives you the option to select a star from any of the 12 Zodiac constellations, which is the most popular choice of all. Finally, particularly perfect for Valentine’s Day, the Binary package is the absolute gift for couples. Binary Stars shimmer and are composed of two stars that orbit their common center. As part of your purchase, you get access to a planetarium platform, universe infographics and beautiful wallpapers for your computer. After selecting a package, you can custom name your star and receive a personalized certificate via email within minutes. Customize your certificate design among six beautiful options to commemorate your gift. If you wish, you can even add a personal message that will appear on the certificate. In addition, you can receive or send a high-quality printed version, with the option to have it framed. Dedicated Stars is a website that names stars after people (or anything you like)—a gift that really does last forever! Their journey started a while ago, in fact, possibly even several decades ago, when astronomers stopped naming stars and instead assigned each with a catalogue I.D. number. The Dedicated Stars team decided to start naming stars again and make them into exceptional gifts, registered on the star database forever.

    Aroma Mask and Sleep Mask Pro from Manta (
    Surprise your Valentine with deep relaxation and renewing sleep. Doing so is easy with the highly advanced Sleep Mask Pro from Manta. It features true, 100% blackout ability for deeper sleep, C-shaped eye cups for unbeatable side sleep comfort and zero pressure on the eyelids or lashes. Uncompromisingly engineered for side sleepers, the PRO’s eye cups sit completely flat against your temple without sacrificing space, so there’s nothing between your head and pillow. The eye cups feature a smart “air bubble” that expands to keep light out when switching positions and compresses flat when you lie on your side. You get a perfect blackout seal with none of the bulk. Featuring an infinitely adjustable fit and cooling perforated foam, this mask offers unmatched breathability and ventilation that is powered by advanced material science. Manta also offers an Aroma Sleep Mask designed, constructed and optimized for maximum relaxation in any environment. Created to combine the soothing power of lavender aromatherapy with the sensory relief of 100 percent blackout, AROMA is for you whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, muscle tension, high blood pressure, headaches or insomnia. Featuring 100 percent pure, AAA-grade lavender, its scent lasts 15- to 30-times longer than other masks. It also has targeted “scent vents” and is made with soft, durable, snag-free materials.

    Smart Electric Kettle from Ladera (
    To keep your loved ones running, give them the gift of easy caffeine with this Smart Electric Kettle from Ladera. This Smart Kettle is the fastest, most accurate electric coffee and tea kettle on the market, capable of boiling 16-ounces of water in under 100 seconds. But, speed is just one of its many desirable features. It also has an insulated and stylish stainless-steel body and no-drip gooseneck spout that allows for precision pouring. An easy-grip handle and anti-scalding lid keeps your loved ones safe while crafting their perfect brew. Elegant touch-sensitive controls bring convenience and ease to the brewing process, whether for your morning pour-over coffee or tea, or afternoon pick-me-up. Simply slide your finger to select the desired temperature and the kettle will stop automatically and, if you desire, maintain its warmth for 30 minutes. The kettle is a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter and a blessing to your early morning routine. Ladera Coffee Roasters’ newest launch of its new electric water kettle will not only accelerate that morning brew routine but will add enjoyment and ease to the entire experience through its superior form and function. Each use of the Smart Electric Kettle is something to look forward to, while saving time and effort.

    Kitchen Appliances from ChefWave (
    ChefWave is a leading brand for small kitchen appliances that are available at major retail outlets. This season, I’m loving ChefWave’s Elado Ice Cream Maker that creates fro-yo, sorbet, gelato and ice cream all from the convenience of your own kitchen. It’s perfect for thrilling that special someone in your life with easy-to-make at-home treats. This two-quart capacity machine makes a batch of ice cream in just 20 minutes and offers an adjustable timer for custom results. The double-insulated freeze bowl has an easy-to-use control panel with a built-in LED digital display. An easy-lock lid prevents messes and accidents. This Ice Cream Maker is made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. To enjoy your sweets, simply mix and cool the ingredients, pour them in, churn and freeze. The recipient will be absolutely elated with the sweet results. For another kind of pick-me-up, ChefWave also offers a handy Kava Mini Espresso Machine that is designed to be compatible with the Nespresso Original Line Capsules. The sleek and compact machine warms up in just 30 seconds, with a powerful 20-bar pressure. It accommodates Espresso and Lungo preset sizes, as well as customizable brew options. The design offers energy-saving, two-hour auto-off and standby mode and has a dishwasher-safe water reservoir. The capsule container conveniently stores used capsules until you throw them away. You can rely on the performance of this little machine to deliver a delicious cup of espresso every time.


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