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    New Zealand’s Best Kiwi Online Casinos for 2022

    New Zealand’s Best Kiwi Online Casinos for 2022

    With the rise of online gambling, more and more online casino websites started popping up in most countries around the world. Now, specifically for casino lovers residing in New Zealand, the expression “Kiwi Casinos” is a very commonly used one. For those unaware, the use of the word “Kiwi” essentially consists of a common self-reference that’s regularly used by New Zealanders, although it is also used internationally. Consequently, this common reference eventually originated the expression “Kiwi Casinos”, which happened just shortly after some online casino websites started going live in New Zealand. Now, with more and more online casinos starting to show up, it can still be hard to find the Best Kiwi Online Casinos within New Zealand.

    Primarily, Kiwi Casino players will want to pay attention to a couple of different details, which mainly include a Kiwi Casino’s available payment methods along with their accepted currencies. By doing so, most avid casino enthusiasts will still be able to find the Best Kiwi Online Casinos, which, hopefully, will also have the best possible Casino Bonuses and Casino Offers that any casino player would like to see in 2022.

    If you’re interested in knowing which are the current best Kiwi Casino websites, then simply visit , which consists of a well-put-together list of the best 7 Kiwi Casinos that you can currently find in 2022.

    Now, let’s talk a bit about those details and see exactly what players should be paying attention to.


    As you’ve probably realized already and most likely suspect, Kiwi Casinos are pretty much like any other online casino website in the world, with the sole difference being that they are run within New Zealand.


    Firstly, let’s talk a little about how Kiwi Casinos tend to operate.

    To put it simply, Kiwi Casinos accept players from all over the world, as they offer all of their players multiple language options, along with a wide variety of payment methods, and also several different accepted currencies.

    They also tend to have an advanced encryption system that protects their players’ financial and personal data from malicious third-party applications. Additionally, most Kiwi Casinos also have run a firewall protection at all times.

    These are just some of those said details (and probably the main ones at that) which casino players that are looking to play in Kiwi Casinos should pay attention to.


    Regarding their accepted payment methods, Kiwi Casinos usually accept several different methods of payment, with bank transfers and debit cards being their most popular options for their casino players to perform their deposits and withdrawals.

    Direct Bank Transfers

    The first and most viable option of payment methods that Kiwi Casinos tend to allow would be Direct Bank Transfers (or rapid transfers), which would go straight from a player’s bank account to their chosen casino website. This is a widely used payment method among New Zealand casino players, because, obviously, there are no literally no transaction fees for them when playing on Kiwi Casinos. As such, for Kiwi Casino players living in New Zealand, this method of payment allows for a quick and secure exchange of money.

    A receipt of the transaction is also generated by the payment portal (via their online bank) that they decide to use, which ultimately helps to keep the procedure transparent to both parties. That also means that there is absolutely no need for a credit card for one of these rapid bank transfers to take place.

    However, players should still keep in mind that there is no option to withdraw from this payment method. When it comes to gamblers of other nationalities, the opportunity for rapid transfer is optional, as those players’ banks obviously need to be welcoming to such transactions.

    Prepaid Vouchers

    One other very popular form of payment are prepaid voucher payments, which allow gamblers to enjoy guarantees instantly. With services like Paysafe or Neosurf, Kiwi Casino players can claim minimum. deposit bonus in reasonably low sums of money, which usually range anywhere between NZ $1 to NZ $20, which they can use to top up their casino-wallets and gamble with real free spins.

    Moreover, Kiwi Casinos usually also allow for their vouchers to be transferred from one person to another, which is actually something pretty cool that not all online casino websites are in favor of. In fact, their players can even fund these coupons with the help of cash. Still, the downside of prepaid voucher payments is that there is no withdrawal option available for this. As such, gamblers need to buy them separately, as they stand the risk of being misplaced.

    E-wallet Payment Systems

    On top of that, Kiwi Casinos also tend to have E-wallet Payment System available for their players as another reliable payment option. This is actually one of the most efficient methods of payment that an online casino can have nowadays, as it offers players a quick and smooth method for both their deposits and their withdrawals. The transaction-fees associated with E-wallet Payment Systems are also reasonably low, along with the increased security level that comes with using this specific method of payment via a Third-Party App. The only noticeable downside about E-wallet Systems is that they can make it a bit challenging to make good-use of Casino Bonuses on an online casino website.


    All in all, Kiwi Casinos are pretty user-friendly when it comes to the online payment methods that they use for exchanging money with their players.

    As highlight earlier, if you’re a regular casino player that’s currently residing in New Zealand, then the best way to bet on any Kiwi Casino website would be to transfer money through a bank transfer or an e-wallet transfer.

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