Anti-drowsy Alarm

anti-drowsy-alarmThe Anti-drowsy Alarm is the latest gadget which will make driving much safer. This device is designed to prevent drivers from accidentally dozing off which is considered as one of the main reasons why there are serious accidents happening from the road.

This device works by providing a screeching sound in case that its special sensor has detected that the head position of the driver had tilted away from its pre-set angle. With this device, experts are predicting that road accidents would dramatically decrease.

According to some experts, people who drive at night are more predispose to experience momentary lapse due to various reasons such as extreme tiredness, sleepiness, and certain medications that tend to trigger drowsiness and diminish brain alertness. Just by simply placing the device behind the ear, it can automatically provide an alarm sound in case that the user has started to fall asleep.

The Anti-drowsy Alarm is not just for drivers since other people can also benefit from this ingenuous invention. People whose works demand full alertness and workers whose professions are security guard, machine operator, or anyone who works in graveyard shift can use this device which will help them not to doze off.

This is how to put on the device: switch the lever ON and examine if the device is working properly. This can be done by tilting it backward, forward, and sideward. If the user hears that it produces a beeping sound alarm, this means that the device is working properly. The next step is to securely place the device right behind the ear and adjust it until it fits snugly and perfectly. In case that this device is not in use, just simply shift the lever OFF.

The Anti-drowsy Alarm has a total measurement of 56 x 58 x 115 mm and weighs about 15 g. This device comes at a suggested retail price of only $10, a relatively cheap price in exchange for a safer driving experience or working environment where it is highly required for people to maintain a full mental alertness and awareness.

Via: Gadgets Fan