iTV Goggles Personal Movie Theater

iTVGogglesThe iTVGoggles, taking cues from the VuZix and MyVu multi-media theater goggles, comes equipped with two small LCD Screens on the inside lenses, that will project a big-screen image in front of your eyes, giving you the perception that you’re sitting alone in a movie theater.iTVGoggles 2

There are two different pairs of glasses that will create this image for you of simulating a 50-inch or 80-inch big screen. The iTV Goggles can be hooked up to the iPod/iPod Video, DVD players, VHS players, DVR recorders, Tivo, and gaming consoles.iTVGoggles 3

At full charge, these high-tech goggles will last approximately four to five hours. Each iTVGoggles is priced at around $310 (