Apple Upcoming 27″ LED Cinema Display, Dodeca-Core Mac Pro

According to AppleInsider, Apple is coming out with a larger version of its LED Cinema Display, geared towards the professional customer.

Targeted for release by June is the Cupertino-based company’s second LED-backlit Cinema Display, measuring 27-inch diagonal and largely resembling a slightly magnified version of its existing 24-inch model, which was introduced to much fanfare back in October of 2008.

Apple Preps 27-inch LED Cinema Display, Dodeca-Core Mac Pro

Two people familiar with the upcoming display say its been lingering in Apple’s labs for quite sometime, where it’s frequently referenced by the unique identifier/codename “K59.” The Mac maker is believed to have been waiting patiently for the cost of the larger LCD panels, which sport a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels, to shed some of their premium before introducing the model to market.

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Thanks to the success of its 27-inch iMacs, which sport similar components, Apple’s now believed to be in a position to market the display more affordably. The company also recently put behind it problems with the same size panels that slowed the momentum of its larger iMac offerings for several months following their October 2009 introduction.


Published on March 20, 2010