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USBCELL -AA Rechargeable Batteries with a built-in USB

Moixa Energy LTD makes a neat product called the USBCELL, a revolutionary new rechargeable battery with a built in USB socket for charging. This NiMH AA cell can be used like a normal battery and can be recharged simply by plugging into a USB port.

USBCELL -AA Rechargeable Batteries with a built-in USB

With over 15 billion Alkaline batteries made and thrown away each year – wasting resources, C02 and creating toxic Landfill, USBCELL offers a eco-friendly alternative that can be re-used hundreds of times with no charge adaptor or cable is needed.

USBCELL -AA Rechargeable Batteries with a built-in USB 2

Charging for just a few minutes provides extra hours of instant use for most input devices.

USBCELL -AA Rechargeable Batteries with a built-in USB 3


Can be used just like a normal battery and can be recharged anywhere simply by plugging into a USB port

  • Made with NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) to last for an extensive time period and ensure optimum performance
  • Charges 90% in just 5 hours and even charging for just 1 hour provides 50% battery life
  • Can be reused hundreds of times before replacement
  • Eliminates the hassle of separate charge adapters and cables
  • Significantly reduces the amount of battery waste harmful to the environment
  • Side indicator lights show when battery is charging, 90% charged, and fully charged

USBCELL -AA Rechargeable Batteries with a built-in USB 4

The USBCELL is available at Tiger Direct, CompUSA, Circuit City, Best Buy, SharperImage.com and ThinkGeek.com.  It’s priced at $17.99, with other accessories for the USBCELL available on the company’s website- www.usbcell.com

Published on June 14, 2010

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