iPhone 5 to sport metal & larger screen

More rumors concerning the upcoming iPhone 5 have surfaced, coming form solid sources at Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer responsible for building the iPhone, that say that production is getting under way. Considering the next iPhone is expected to launch in June, the reports focus on two main design changes of the iPhone 5, as compared to the iPhone 4: a larger display and a metal case back. Other than that, the source suggests that the iPhone 5 looks much like the current model. Some have argued that the metal case on Apple’s original iPhone caused signal attenuation issues, but now that the company’s unique new external antenna design has been sprinkled with a dash of reality distortion, antenna attenuation and dropped calls are features, not bugs. Should it choose to continue utilizing the current design, Apple could use any materials it wants since the user’s hand does the attenuating, not the case.  The above image is a mock-up iPhone 4 with a metal case, not the iPhone 5.