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    Lifestyles of the Digitally Automated: The Coolest Wireless Home Gadgets

    Today’s home automation and mobile technologies have far surpassed whatever George Jetson could have expected. In case you’re not old enough to remember “The Jetsons” cartoon: George and his family used a plethora of futuristic gadgets in their daily space-age lives, including a robot maid, holograms and meals-in-a-pill. While the show was set in 2062, today’s home technology is advancing much quicker than the creators of the classic cartoon show could have imagined.

    According to, when Google jumped on board the mobile home-control bandwagon, it pushed automated home control technology into the mainstream. Now such things as “smart grid” appliances are becoming household names, just like smartphones.

    Control Your Appliances From Anywhere

    Now you can control your television, washer and dryer, lights and heating system via a smartphone or tablet. According to CNBC, LG’s smart grid appliances even provide homeowners with information on the amount of electricity or gas being used. This enables homeowners to adjust their appliance usage even if they’re not home.

    For temperature control, Gadget Guy recommends the Hunter iPod Universal Internet Thermostat. This gadget works with a home’s Wi-Fi to allow the homeowner to adjust the thermostat from anywhere he or she has Internet capability.

    Security at Your Fingertips

    In the Jetsons’ world, home invasion didn’t exist—after all, it was just a cartoon for kids. In our world, however, precaution and safety are a must.

    Wireless home security systems provide protection for you and your family. Their apps enable you to access video surveillance and arm and disarm alarms from your mobile device. These monitoring systems use door and window sensors and protect you if the electricity goes out, as well.

    With so many gadgets and security systems available, though, it can be hard to decide on which one to choose. The search for the right system is less complicated with the use of a search provider, such as These companies offer advice on choosing a home security system that fits your needs.

    Just Plain Cool

    Let’s say you forget to refill Mr. Snuggles’ food dish before leaving on a five-day work trip. No mobile device can comfort you in this dilemma, right? Not so fast; Pintofeed is a wireless system that enables you to feed your pet from your smartphone. It even notifies you when and how much Fido ate.

    The Scanomat coffee maker is another great gadget for the automated home. Not only does it hook you up with your favorite a.m. caffeine fix, but it keeps your home from burning to the ground as well. How many times have you second-guessed yourself about turning off the coffee pot? Or wished you hadn’t made so much coffee that morning? Now you can customize your java craving from your iPhone. Scanomat enables you to control when to turn on and off the coffee pot and how much to make each time. It also gives you control of what kind of coffee you want, and it features an automatic milk system that allows you to choose from regular coffee with cream to a full-on coffeehouse delight of lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos.

    And the Jetsons thought THEY had it made.

    David Novak
    David Novak
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