Cabelet- a Lightning Cable on your Wrist


The Cabelet is a stylish bracelet…no it’s an iPhone Lightning charging cable….no it’s both!  That’s right. At first glance, the Cabelet is designed to look like just a personal accent. It’s a braided leather bracelet that comes in three colors: Orange, black and white. 


But actually, the Cabelet is also a short charging cable that’s wrapped around your wrist. You just take it off, open the clasp, and you’ve got a cable, right there, accessible for use. It’s your standard USB to Lightning connector, so you just need to unhook one end, put it in your iPhone’s port, and then connect it to some USB power source on the other end. 

Cabelet 2

Kyte & Key is the company that makes the Cabelet, and sells for $69.99. Check it out here.