Bubl 360-Degree Camera

Bubl 360-Degree Camera has 4 lens

The Bubl is the world’s first true 360-Degree panoramic camera to hit the market.  The reason being is that it’s spherical design allows for no blind spots, ANYWHERE!

Bubl 360 degree camera connects images seamlessly

Bubl Point-of-Views

The Bubl design is pretty straightforward with four wide-angle cameras, one pointing in each direction. Not an incredibly new design, but what is new and what makes the magic happen is the company’s software. The device has imaging software that manages to stitch together all four images into a complete sphere. No blind spots and no lines between the images. It’s absolutely seamless.


Bubl is Open Architecture

The Bubl also lacks any proprietary gear, which is a good thing. The device will tie to your desktop, your Android or your iPhone equally well, and the company is working on cloud support, as well as more native support for different ways of using the camera. For now, you’ll likely be making use of the microSD card you can slot in the unit for many applications.

Bubl 360 degree camera uses software to connect images

This very unique camera product manages to deliver seamless, blind-spot free video, and this Kichstarter device will be available in the next couple of months for around $699. Bubl Technology Inc. was founded in 2011 by Sean Ramsay, immersive technology enthusiast and digital strategist. He set out with the goal of making Google StreetView technology available for market consumption. To achieve this, a paradigm shift was required in the way we look at traditional photo / video capture devices.

Bubl panoramic camera will support cloud

While Bubl’s technology is revolutionary, it wouldn’t have the same opportunity without the company’s proprietary software that enables real-time image stitching, giving the perception of a virtual world that you can explore inside your viewing device.

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