Nintendo 2DS XL Launches this Summer

Today, Nintendo has taken the wraps off a new portable gaming device, the Nintendo 2DS XL, and will launch July 28th of this year. The handheld will hit the market for $150, making it nearly twice the price of the current Nintendo 2DS ($80), but cheaper than the Nintendo 3DS XL ($199).

Nintendo 2DS XL has 2 screens

Nintendo 2DS XL Design

The Nintendo 2DS XL will come with a black clamshell case and turquoise accents on the outside, and opening it up will reveal the familiar two-screen Nintendo DS design, and carry the turquoise accents to the D-Pad and action buttons on the right. The 2DS XL’s 4.9-inch top screen and 4.2-inch lower screen matches the screen size in the 3DS XL. It can also play 3DS-exclusive games, and features C stick and ZL/ZR buttons like the 3DS XL.

Nintendo 2DS XL plays 3d games


However, there are some differences that Nintendo is using to justify the higher price for the 3DS XL. Firstly, the 2DS XL will only allow you to play 2D videos. The 3DS XL comes with support for 3D video playback. And although both handhelds feature widescreen LCDs, the 3DS XL’s display is a 3D-enabled screen that comes with 3D face-tracking. The 2DS XL does come with an included AC adapter, something the 3DS XL does not include.

Nintendo 2DS XL is sleek and compact

The Nintendo 2DS XL will work out of the box with any Nintendo 3DS game, as well as 2DS titles. It’ll also launch alongside Hey! Pikmin and Miitopia, two new games Nintendo plans to launch on July 28. Hey! Pikmin is a 2D side-scrolling Pikmin game. Miitopia will let you create a Mii and “band together” with your friends’ Miis to explore the world of Miitopia

Nintendo 2DS XL launches July 28


In a statement on Friday, Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime said that Nintendo’s 2DS XL illustrates the company’s “commitment to the hand-held market.” Nintendo will launch the 2DS XL while the other Nintendo handhelds remain on store shelves. It appears Nintendo wants to offer all three devices to give users options on features and price.


Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming Nintendo 2DS XL, or if you want to pre-order one now, go here.